STARR Computer delivers on a decade-old commitment with $39K laptop
President of STARR Computer, Michael Mohan
President of STARR Computer, Michael Mohan

IN a triumphant reflection on a journey that began over a decade ago, President of STARR Computer, Mike Mohan, proudly announced the release of a powerful Lenovo laptop, a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to affordable computing solutions for all.
Rewinding to August 3rd, 2010, marked a pivotal moment in STARR Computer’s history. Just months after recovering from a life-threatening surgery, Michael Mohan and his team set an audacious goal — to roll out a $40,000 computer by the end of 2011.

This ambitious vision was shared with this publication in a statement that resonates with determination.
Mohan reflected that when his company made its initial investment in Guyana in 1990, it was considered by many to be an unwise business initiative.
“At that time we had major power problems in Guyana and it was felt that affordability would be an issue on the local market. However, I saw the need for the technology. When I first saw the price at $800,000 I set myself the goal of bringing computer prices down. I knew it was possible. Within a year I saw computer prices drop by 25 per cent.”
Despite challenges, including the economic landscape and the complexities of the tech industry, STARR Computer, after two decades of operations in Guyana, successfully reduced computer prices from over $800,000 to a ground-breaking $69,000 each.

The driving force behind this mission was clear — a commitment to finding an affordable computer solution for the low-income citizens of Guyana.
Mr. Mohan emphasised the purpose that propelled the team forward, a purpose that remained steadfast throughout the journey.
Though the initial promise to roll out a $40,000 computer by the end of 2011 wasn’t fully realised, Mr. Mohan said that STARR Computer persisted in its. “Today, 13 years later, the company proudly introduces a more powerful Lenovo laptop priced at an astonishing $39,000. This milestone not only showcases the company’s resilience but also underscores its dedication to making computing accessible for all.”

The new Lenovo laptop, he explained, comes complete with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, runs on a licensed Windows 10 Pro. “It introduces a versatile feature, allowing users to add a second plug-and-play monitor, facilitating video conferencing on one screen, while using other applications on the second screen. With free Wi-Fi available in schools and government Wi-Fi hotspots across Guyana, this portable computer provides easy access to information anytime, anywhere.”
In an era where the oil and gas economy is booming, and educational demands are at an all-time high, Mohan said STARR Computer recognises the importance of every child having access to a computer for skill development.

Acknowledging that they cannot solve all problems, STARR Computer is determined to make computers affordable for all, contributing to the development of local human capital.
“STARR Computer’s commitment does not end with affordable computing solutions. The company now offers a range of solutions to help businesses transition across various sectors, from Financial and Banking to Healthcare and Hospitality. Their new online shopping platform, coupled with ongoing points redemption on new purchases, positions STARR for sustained success as they prepare to guide clients into the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) and artificial general intelligence (AGI),” he explained.
With recent structural expansions and the addition of new vendors to their portfolio, STARR Computer invites everyone to experience a new international standard in computing solutions. The journey from a $40,000 dream to a $39,000 reality reflects not just a business milestone, but also a commitment to empowering individuals and industries in the digital age.


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