N/A driver who hit traffic cop gets $145,000 bail
Prince Sinclair
Prince Sinclair

Slapped with slew of charges

A 36-YEAR-OLD Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice driver who allegedly hit a traffic officer and drove away with him on his car bonnet, was on Friday slapped with a series of traffic charges and released on $145,000 bail.

Prince Sinclair appeared before Magistrate Renita Singh at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court and pleaded not guilty to 11 charges.
Particulars of the first four charges alleged that Sinclair, while being the driver of motor car PLL 4242 on September 27, at Main Street, New Amsterdam, drove in a dangerous manner.
He also pleaded not guilty to the following charges: prohibition of tinted glass, conduct of driver, maintenance of motor vehicle, stopping within 30 feet of a corner, wanton driving, disorderly behaviour, and failure to stop when directed by police in uniform.

In addition to posting bail, Sinclair was ordered to lodge his passport at the court.
His trial is set for Friday October 27, 2023.

The Guyana Police Force has reported that he is accused of, among other things, driving into, injuring, and using a series of expletives against Police Constable Daniel Fredricks, who is stationed at Central Police Station’s Traffic Department.

According to the GPF, Fredricks was on patrol duty with Force motorcycle #CL 2610 along Main Street, New Amsterdam when he observed a motorcar with registration PLL 4242, which was parked within 30 feet of Shoelane Street and Main Street, obstructing the free flow of traffic.

As such, Constable Fredricks contacted Sinclair, the driver of the car, and told him of the offence committed.
“The driver got angry and started to use a series of expletives at the cop. The driver then entered his car, drove it towards the Police rank, and collided with his right foot. Constable Fredricks fell onto the car bonnet, and the driver continued to drive along Main Street and then onto Republic Road,” the GPF said.


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