Woofington Dog Park opens
A scene from the opening of the Woofington Dog Park at the National Park (Delano Williams photo)
A scene from the opening of the Woofington Dog Park at the National Park (Delano Williams photo)

facility at National Park part of bigger plans for concession, exercise areas, other developments
THE Woofington Dog Park was on Monday commissioned at the National Park, Thomas Lands entrance, by the Protected Areas Commission (PAC) to provide a safe, unique space for dogs to be within the park.

According to Commissioner of the PAC, Jason Fraser, the PAC has always wanted to have additional facilities at the National Park, such as rest and relaxation areas, play areas and more.
“The transformation that we foresee for our National Park is very inclusive, and that includes both aspects of recreation and sports; and so part of that includes the addition of our Woofington Dog Park,” he said.

Fraser added that the dog park is part of a larger project to introduce new things to the recreational space. The aim of the dog park, he said, is to have a space where persons can build social capital.

“One of the things that you will find common when you’re coming here to walk your dogs, is that you all love pets. So, having that space where you all can socialise and maybe share your do’s and don’ts and other quick tips that you may have to share with your fellow pet lover…,” Fraser said.

The Commission has additional plans to re-establish other amenities including water activities, for the new year, 2024.
They are establishing two areas for outdoor exercise and a special area for concessions which will be right across from the dog park.
Other developments expected to take place are the establishment of a mini equestrian area, where ponies will take up their official home in a space adjacent to the play land, where a small circuit will be developed to introduce rides to the children, and the manatee pond is set to undergo major transformations.
“So, when you come here to relax or to exercise, there’s also a dedicated area for you to have a refreshment, have a meal, have a light snack, and enjoy your time at the park,” Fraser said.
Dr. Nardeo Bassoodeo, Veterinarian and Member of Guyana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) Board, related that he would like to see the replication of this dog park in other parts of Guyana.

“When we hear about development of human capital, and development of a country, we have to look from top and when we heard our President make remarks about animal welfare being a part of his agenda, we can see today that he was serious,” he said.
The veterinarian said that President, Dr. Irfaan Ali participating in animal welfare fundraisers at State House shows the commitment of not only the government, but the First family, to animal welfare in the country.

He also related that there are signs inside of the dog park to give directions as to what dog owners are to comply with when making use of the park, to make every user feel safe.
“If you have your animals and they are not properly vaccinated or being of proper health, then there is a sign to show you that you must be able to take care of your pet to a certain standard also, or if you’re not doing so, then you should do it at the earliest possible time so that everyone can enjoy the park,” Fraser said.


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