I would close my eyes and choose Starmer over Sunak

WITH every passing day in this world, the question of the colour of one’s skin is becoming irrelevant, yet people cling to it and make life-changing decisions based on colour and ethnicity.
How could a naturally sane person go into a polling station and make a choice of a candidate to lead their nation (and maybe lead it to disaster) based on the ethnicity rather than the policies of the candidate.

The Prime Minister of the UK is an East Indian man; Sunak’s parents migrated to the UK and made a successful life for the entire family. The Prime Minister’s two other siblings have handsome jobs, thanks to life in the UK.
Mr. Sunak’s government has passed a Bill – the Illegal Migration Act–which has banned people from making asylum claims if they enter the UK illegally. This is a contradiction in terms. Asylum seekers are persecuted people who naturally enter other countries illegally.

The Bill stipulates that when such people enter the UK, they will be sent to Rwanda. The courts struck down that policy declaring that Rwanda is not a safe place. Before we move on to the opposition leader, it should be noted that Mr. Sunak was recorded on film as saying that he has aristocratic friends, wealthy friends and middle-class friends, but not from the working class. You can find that with a Google search.
The Opposition Leader Keir Starmer is a pure White Englishman, but his policies on refugees are the exact opposite to Sunak. Mr. Starmer is facing an election against Sunak in less than a year’s time, but he is bold enough to declare that he will change Sunak’s policy.

Mr. Starmer says that that to deport refugees to Africa is inhumane and his government will process refugees who land in the UK. I ask you if you can be so irrational as a human to choose Sunak to run one of the world’s most powerful countries or Starmer. Enter Pretti Patel.
Ms Patel’s parents left Uganda for a better life in the UK and found it. Ms. Patel was so successful an immigrant in the UK that she rose to fame by becoming one of the most important Cabinet ministers in the UK.

She was made the equivalent of what we in Guyana know as the Minister of Home Affairs. Ms. Patel has been a relentless crusader against immigration. This immigrant of East Indian extraction, if she had her way, would stop non-white people from Third World countries entering the UK.
Enter Suella Braverman. Here is another identical version of Sunak and Patel. Ms. Braverman, an Indian like Sunak and Patel, came to the UK when her parents migrated to the UK; father from Mauritius and mother from Kenya.

Ms. Braverman has the same DNS as me – we are from Madrasi extraction, which means we are dark-skinned. She is currently the Home Affairs Minister and Ms. Braverman has been accused as being a self-hating Indian. Like Patel, she wants non-white immigration to the UK to come to a halt.
What is distasteful about the mentalities of Sunak, Patel and Braverman? Their parents’ immigrant existence turned out to be successful because they found a better life in the UK, a dream of others that all three want to deny others.

I ask you if you have a sane mind, would you leave a better White politician and vote for this Indian triumvirate? I hope not!
Enter Barack Obama. His father went to the US from Kenya. As the son of an African immigrant, Obama made it real big in the US. This is the same man who said that he does not believe in open borders after the US forcefully deported a large group of Haitians. Enter Kamala Harris.
Her mother came to the US from India, her father from Jamaica. Ms. Harris, daughter of immigrants made it big in the US. She became Vice-President and in that capacity went to the US-Mexican border and told Guatemalan refugees that they must stay home.

It should be noted that a White German leader accepted one million refugees into her country in one year. Then Chancellor of Germany did. Who is a greater humanitarian – Obama or Merkel? Which one, if you are non-White, you would vote for? I would vote for Merkel.
In conclusion, what the above facts show is that the colour of the skin is no guide to understanding the mind. Donald Trump wants to keep immigrants out of the US, but we would better trust a non-White politician over Trump if we are non-White ourselves.

But some non-Whites can have anti-immigrant minds like Trump’s. Vivek Ramaswamy, Republican presidential candidate in my opinion is worse than Trump. He is another Indian. So is another Indian Republican candidate, Nikki Haley, who is a big fan of Trump.


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