Guyana-born author stands out with suspense novel
Guyanese author and CEO of Brand Youth Global, Selwyn Collins
Guyanese author and CEO of Brand Youth Global, Selwyn Collins

–uses Guyanese culture in his writings to instill moral lessons

“THERE’S nothing you can accomplish in isolation,” is the message that drives Guyanese author and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Brand Youth Global, Selwyn Collins, to continue spreading positivity into the world with his teachings.
From books that will have you rethinking your outlook on life to novels that will have you on the edge of your seat, the Guyana-born author, who is currently residing in the United States, is always taking it to the next level.

In an interview with the Sunday Chronicle, he shared his story of coming from humble beginnings to breaking barriers standing in the way of his true potential.
The 61-year-old Collins who hails from Vergenoegen, East Bank Essequibo, says that is where he was taught that you can never grow without a village by your side.
“Some of us have forgotten how important a village is because we live in a society of individualism,” he said while crediting the people that he has met along this journey called ‘life.’
From writing detailed posts on social media to sharing his talent among his friends, Collins said, at first he did not embrace his writing skills because of the culture that surrounded him.
As time went by, the Guyanese author was able to silence any negative voices that were echoing throughout his head.

“You know I come from a culture where you’re not encouraged to say ‘I can’ or ‘I will.’ It was called bragging…Now they are called words of affirmation,” he related.
With that being said, the Guyanese author consistently tries to dismember this narrative and continues to be the voice that urges individuals, especially youths, to reach for the stars.
“I didn’t know where to begin…I was just writing and as it came to me, I began writing,” the Guyanese author said when asked how he started his writing career.
Following a journey of trials and tribulations, Collins was finally able to put forth his new novel, “Shade of Ebony.”

Although it is rare to see a suspense book based on administering moral lessons to the reader, Collins said he persevered and accomplished that.
“We have to go back to the basics… moral rights are very important…I think that with infusing that into my writing, I’m hoping that this could help change some lives.”
With the overall goal of pouring positivity in a gloomy world, he stated that his books give evidence of a positive domino effect.
“I believe in each there is some good but sometimes it is overshadowed by struggles and challenges or choices that you have to make to survive,” Collins said, explaining that with his teachings, persons in these situations will be able to awaken that light buried inside them.

As the CEO of Brand Youth Global, whose mission is to empower people and change mindsets for long-term socioeconomic improvement, Collins is aiming to create a group of like-minded young people.
Notwithstanding this, the organisation teaches young people to unleash their potential, and bring the value of that potential to society through revolutionary movements.
“A single purpose-driven entrepreneur can change the world. Imagine what a community of them can do,” the Guyanese author and motivational speaker affirmed.


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