Region Six overflowing with opportunities
Jubilant supporters at the rally
Jubilant supporters at the rally

-is no longer being ‘stifled’, President Ali says
-Dr. Jagdeo urges citizens to vote for a party that ‘cares’

APART from the construction of a regional hospital, new roads, and more employment opportunities, Rose Hall, which is deemed the commercial capital of Region Six is poised to enter a new era of transformation.

In addition to fulfilling 80 per cent of their manifesto commitments, the governing People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has gone above and beyond to improve the quality of life for all Guyanese, not just the once-stifled “Berbicians”.

At a meeting held at the Rose Hall arch, President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, reassured the people that his government will broaden the horizons of the township.

According to him: “Commerce is very important in this region and for commerce to be effective, for the businesses to do well, we have to create wealth all across Region Six so that there is more money in the pockets of people to spend.”

He added that despite only spending such a short tenure in office, the PPP/C has already done tremendous work to bring comfort and relief to the people while putting back money into their pockets instead of taking it out like the opposition did.

The region, which was previously deprived of even the most basic medical supplies, has gone through a total metamorphosis, with the development of a regional hospital and a government investment of $6.5 billion into the growing health care industry.
Because of the tens of millions of dollars invested in the water sector, homeowners will also have treated water in their homes within the next few years.

Moreover, disguising themselves as a group of people that cares for the Guyanese population, President Ali said that the opposition’s track record says otherwise.

“When you look at the records, the records speak for itself… The facts will demonstrate to you the honesty of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic,” he said while remarking that every time the PPP/C takes office, they act on their promises and commitments to the people.

Furthermore, the President explained the importance of the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGEs), stressing that the votes of each and every person plays a critical role in enhancing communities and providing synergy between central and local bodies.

According to him: “This is not a time to gamble with your future, this is not a time to gamble with your children’s future [and] this is not a time to gamble with your parents’ future.”

The Head of State also condemned the opposition’s constant use of race as a vehicle to spread hate.

The President stressed that the PPP/C is working diligently to bring the country together under the ‘One Guyana’ umbrella, affirming that: “We will break the back of racism and ensure that mobilisation tool of them is removed.”


In addition to this, he highlighted the neglect of the region by the A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC).

President Ali said: “For five years, they invested less than $3million in the development of this region, in less than three years on one project alone, that we plan and that project is a technical institute, the National Technical Training Centre. On that alone, we will spend $20 billion….”

He added that it is situations like these that show the difference between a government that prioritises the people and one that does not.

Speaking on the stagnated housing sector under the APNU+AFC regime, the Head of State boasted that the governing PPP/C has already allocated 1,200 house lots to Region Six residents.

Furthermore, he indicated that not only has the government already invested over $20 billion on the construction of new roads but millions in loans have been given out in order to assist women in starting their own small businesses.

He continued: “In less than three years, in this region, we have already delivered more 2,000 scholarships.”

President Ali holds an infant draped in a PPP/C flag


Meanwhile, the party’s General Secretary, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, reassured the people that no longer will they be victimised for supporting the PPP/C.

While exposing the opposition for destroying the livelihoods of thousands of Guyanese, he reflected on the time under APNU+AFC rule when 7,000 sugar workers were fired nationwide.

Asserting that people are now becoming aware of the opposition’s tendency to mislead them, Jagdeo remarked that this is causing APNU+AFC to become more desperate.

“Afro-Guyanese have seen what the PNC is about in those five years and they don’t like what they see, and they realise that this party is the only party that can fulfill the promises of this country,” he related.

He also remarked that the PPP/C is a government that upholds its commitments, which is evident in the part time job initiative, among others.

Jagdeo continued by asserting that because they are proud of their LGEs candidates, he and the President thought it was vital to support them publicly during the campaign trail and push the message that they are running to enforce accountability, transparency and ensuring local bodies are carrying out central government’s agenda of development.
Highlighting APNU+AFC’s blatant attempt to rig the elections in 2020, Jagdeo commended the citizens for not letting the country’s democracy be undermined.

“We have restored energy to the economy of Guyana and to the economy in Berbice,” he asserted.

Moreover, he emphasised that the APNU is running on a foundation of lies and claimed that because it is election season, the opposition is reverting to its old practices of being not only dishonest, but also going so far as to attack people’s character.

Jagdeo then made reference to the vicious verbal attack that Opposition Leader, Aubrey Norton, launched against the First Lady, Arya Ali, earlier this week.

In pointing out the “don’t care” attitude of the APNU+AFC party, he urged all Guyanese to go to the polls and vote for a party that cares.


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