‘Days of bad governance are over’
Thousands gathered for one of the largest campaign events for the LGEs as President Dr. Irfaan Ali reassured that bad governance would no longer suppress people
Thousands gathered for one of the largest campaign events for the LGEs as President Dr. Irfaan Ali reassured that bad governance would no longer suppress people

– APNU+AFC’s damage to communities repaired, more development underway, President Ali tells massive crowd at Anna Regina

REGION Two is experiencing a transformative period because of the improvement and revival of education delivery, the breakfast and hot meal initiative, and the soon to be completed Anna Regina stadium. This is a significant change since the area was once unable to access textbooks.

Thousands of Guyanese gathered for one of the largest campaign events for the Local Government Elections (LGEs). President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali reassured them that bad governance would no longer suppress them; this he said to loud applause from the crowd.

The President reminded the large gathering that LGEs are “critical for the continuation of development at the community level,” and he added that it also brings about synergy on all levels of government.

In addition, he said that because of the advancements made by his administration, young people can confidently support the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) in the upcoming elections in order to end the A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC) ways of obstructing development.

“People who were never supportive of the PPP because of the narrative that was carried to them are today supporting us because of the truth; facts…” he said.

Condemning the constant attacks on former APNU/AFC members who endorsed the PPP/C, the President said that the Opposition resorts to this argument or reaction because, “In their eyes, you are not human beings; you are commodity.”

“From the time they have no use for you, you become useless to them,” he stated.

The President then told the crowd that in the PPP/C’s eyes, all persons, regardless of their interior or exterior are welcomed in the party. He said: “You are joining a force that believes in the ‘oneness’ of our country.”

Exposing the APNU/AFC for being hypocritical and dishonest about their party’s philosophy, the President asked: “What is decent and honest about trying to steal democracy?” He explained that because of the endless fight for Guyana, the nation is no longer being seen with the tarnished reputation that the Opposition left it with.

The Head of State also rehashed the fact that during APNU/AFC’s tenure, they had completely neglected the Agricultural sector, especially rice farming, which is one of the main livelihoods within the region.

In addition, the President asserted that his government has already rolled out over 1000 scholarships in the region. “Today, opportunities are numerous…”

Noting that over 14,000 children within the region had benefited from the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant, the President said that anyone who frowns upon this initiative is a “grinch.”

No more dark times

Meanwhile, Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai remarked that on June 12, Guyanese must vote for fulfilled promises and not dwell on the painful past under the APNU/AFC.

She stated that owing to the impressive leadership skills displayed by the President, the country is moving forward. “We can see progress throughout the length and breadth of Guyana…” she said, adding: “In every region we can highlight development… under the PPP/C.”

Additionally, several PPP/C candidates for Anna Regina spoke about how the area has gotten better and will continue to develop under the current government, highlighting how towns and villages across the country have flourished as a result of the PPP/C.

Although he was going in the wrong way, one cross-over candidate playfully noted that he is now “riding the right horse.”

He continued by saying that with the president’s unwavering dedication to making Essequibo the “great basket of the Caribbean,” he was unable to see how anyone could be critical of the president’s efforts to create a “One Guyana.”

Another candidate said, “Gone are the days of mud roads,” showing that the current administration is bringing about a change for the people.



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