APNU rejected even in strongholds
APNU Councillor for Constituency Five, Clayton Hinds (DPI Photo)
APNU Councillor for Constituency Five, Clayton Hinds (DPI Photo)

– Councillor Clayton Hinds snubbed in his constituency

AS the Local Government Elections (LGEs) draw near, the main political parties are accelerating on their respective campaign trails.

While the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has received warm welcomes, even in A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) strongholds, such as Linden and Bartica, the Opposition is getting the cold shoulder from a vast number of Guyanese, even in communities know to be their strongholds.

Frustrated with the empty promises and lack of commitment, residents of Georgetown have decided to openly call out the People’s National Congress/Reform (PNC/R), disguised as APNU and the Alliance for Change (AFC), for their blatant neglect.

In a viral video, Clayton Hinds, APNU City Hall Councillor and running candidate for Constituency Five, Sophia-Liliendaal North and the adjoining areas, was seen being rejected by Plum Park, Sophia residents while campaigning in the area.

Several residents came forth and condemned Hinds for his empty promises while revealing that despite him being a councillor for several years, he has continuously failed the people of Sophia.

“These boys [aren’t] doing nothing for you,” one resident was heard telling another, while Hinds continued his ranting and constant referral to the governing PPP/C as “trench crappos” and “vagabonds.”

While begging the Sophia residents for their vote, a citizen remarked: “Look how long he is in here and [isn’t] doing nothing for nobody.”

“Talks, talks, talks and when you look at it, nothing they [APNU] doing for you,” one man said while his friend added that he informed Hinds the community is aiming to vote for change and not empty promises.

Stunned and unresponsive to the people’s concerns and issues, Hinds then turned to allegations of ‘buy out’ because of the lack of support he was receiving from the residents.

Along with Hinds, who represents the APNU, other contenders include Andrew Jackman, who represents the PPP/C, Ramcharitar Singh, who represents Independent Citizens for Progress, Telroy McAlmont, from the Movement for Unity and Democracy, and independent candidate Dr. Josh Kanhai.

Frustrated with sub-par management

Over the past few weeks, a handful of videos have surfaced of Guyanese expressing their utmost disappointment with how City Hall has been managed under PNC/R and APNU.

Under the tagline, “A New Beginning for Georgetown,” residents of all ages and from different walks of life have not only pointed out the incompetence of City Hall but also how their mismanagement negatively affects their community.

Concerned citizens in these videos highlighted common themes such as land pollution, poor drainage, irregular garbage collection, and the deplorable conditions in markets. Overall, they emphasised the neglect of Georgetown.

People have also complained that although they are paying their dues to City Hall, they still have to take money out of their own pockets to maintain their communities.

In one of the most recent videos, a citizen who has been living in Albouystown for the past 25 years highlighted the large piles of garbage in the area, which are an eyesore not only for the residents, but also for passersby.

According to the man: “This is one thing we can’t take,” referring to the land pollution evident at the mouth of the community.

He further noted that while initially the garbage trucks used to regularly visit the community, this has stopped, and now they hardly come to do their duties.

He then went on to say: “Nothing [is] going on in the city for Albouystown people,” adding that the absolute mistreatment by City Hall is now unbearable.

Moreover, he said that the duty is now imposed upon the local shopkeepers to remove the litter and maintain the area when the eyesore becomes too much.

“We need a change” the man asserted.

From another video, a woman from East Ruimveldt, who has been living in the area for 43 years, expressed much dissatisfaction with the drainage system in the community.

She stated that effective administration at City Hall is essential for the community to thrive, mentioning that problems such as flooding should not happen when rain falls.

“On the 12th of June, let us come out and make the change,” the woman urged.



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