President Ali: Eliminating stereotype of women as caregivers is top priority

plans to deploy more women into workforce

PRESIDENT, Dr Irfaan Ali says eliminating the stereotype that women are just caregivers is on top of Guyana’s agenda and should be for the entire Caribbean.

In Guyana, the government is empowering women by supporting and providing them with the resources they need to start their businesses and by fostering an amiable and conducive work environment for them.

Also, women are also being granted the opportunity to undergo Information and Communications Technology (ICT) training.
The President made these remarks while delivering his address at Tuesday’s opening of the 12th Subregional ILO Meeting of Caribbean Labour Ministers at the Guyana Marriott Hotel.

According to him: “We are aggressively building out call centres shells in every single region and seeking international players to come in and to use those skills to create employment,” adding that these are being constructed as a means of enticing businesses, which will, in turn, employ thousands of women who are not currently in the workforce, boost household incomes, and increase disposable money.

He also emphasised the need for specific questions to be addressed, such as how the Caribbean community should use its platform to develop a shared opportunity through innovation and technology, employ women in the workforce, and increase household incomes.

The President noted that the Caribbean region “has the capacity and capability in providing a platform through which we can offer global education services in key areas like tourism.”

Furthermore, touching on the importance of not only strengthening democratic institutions, but also the rule of law, the Head of State said that these components are key in enabling people to live in a free, open, and democratic society, one driven by the free expression of the will of the people.

On the other hand, in providing a futuristic Guyana, he said: “We’re building sports facilities, smart hubs, Internet hubs in the vast hinterland of our country, so that people, every single person, will have access to education and training opportunities.”
Apart from this, immense work is being placed into the ‘25 by 2025’ goal and in ensuring food security, the Government of Guyana is investing in young people and women to be part of this agenda.

According to the President: “These conferences must not be bound only by externalities. These conferences must be shaped by your own realities. We must pose the questions, and we must advance our agenda in the region. In this region, we, too, have priorities. We, too, have an agenda. We, too, have citizens. We, too, have realities. We, too, have circumstances,” he asserted, explaining that it is time for the Caribbean to utilize these forums to advance their priorities and

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