Businessman aims to employ 1,500 Guyanese at US-based home-care agency by year-end
Businessman and humanitarian Navin Shivpal
Businessman and humanitarian Navin Shivpal

-plans to open branch here

ALTHOUGH it can be difficult for immigrants—in this case, Guyanese—to find employment in the United States of America, Navin Shivpal, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cottage Home Care Services, wants to give them the opportunity to make a decent livelihood without being exploited.

The Guyanese-owned company currently employs over 700 Guyanese and hopes to have 1,500 on staff by the end of the year.

Shivpal decided to launch his own company in 2020 after becoming disturbed by the adverse conditions in which he witnessed immigrants working.

While things were not always “peaches and rainbows,” the businessman eventually succeeded in turning a failing business into a multimillion-dollar company.

In addition to Cottage Home Care Services, the businessman serves as the head of Brooklyn Institute, a school for vocational training that enrols 90 students per month, the majority of whom are Guyanese.

The vocational training centre quickly gained recognition as multiple videos surfaced of immigrants, specifically Guyanese, receiving their certificates while voicing myriad challenges they faced in the US.

Shivpal and his wife are on a mission to “empower women,” claiming that they have established an environment where anyone who is ready to work can find employment.

His staff is also multilingual due to the diversity among them; they meet the needs of immigrants from the Caribbean, as well as a significant portion of the South Asian community.

Shivpal declared that he remains dedicated to not only offering the best services, but also the best conditions for his workers and students.
Noting that “success is hard work,” he emphasised that in contrast to some businesses that struggle to pay their employees, he prioritises their welfare because he is aware that these people depend on it in order to live.

When asked how he is able to manage two businesses, he noted that he gets the strength through “love, care, and passion.”

Shivpal also noted that he has an open-door policy and that both his students and staff are welcome to contact him at any time. They even have access to his direct phone number.

The businessman added that despite the large number of students they receive each month, he always introduces himself in order to create a welcoming environment.

Regardless of his students’ background, “I treat them with the same respect and dignity that they deserve,” he said.

The businessman also stated that he cares about his students and wants to give them the necessary resources they need to achieve successful careers.

Shivpal explained that he intends to open an office in Guyana. This idea stemmed from the fact that Guyana is a multicultural society and the market for senior citizen care is not very big, but is in demand.

The businessman also noted that there is much more in the works, as he loves to give back.

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