Norton feigns ignorance over Hinds’ criticism of party members
Leader of the Opposition Aubrey Norton
Leader of the Opposition Aubrey Norton

–says WPA ‘free to say what they want’

LEADER of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), Aubrey Norton hung his party members out to dry, and feigned ignorance over criticisms of his party members by Working People Alliance (WPA) Executive member David Hinds.

During his weekly virtual press conference, Norton was asked about the way his comrade, Hinds, had disparaged a number of PNCR Indo-Guyanese members for speaking out against racist and incendiary remarks made by WPA members.

In response, Norton simply said that WPA members are free to say what they want, and he considered the matter closed.

“I didn’t hear the statement [that Dr. Hinds made], but on this issue of what the WPA say and what they don’t say the WPA is entitled to say what they want to say as a political party, we will deal with what we think we need to deal with, which we have done in the last press conference and for us it is time to move on,” Norton said.

On his weekly virtual programme “Politics 101” last week, Hinds referred to the Indo-Guyanese PNCR member Geeta Chandan-Edmond as a “slaver catcher” for having condemned remarks made by WPA Executive Tacuma Ogunseye, who had made racial inciting remarks against Indo-Guyanese at a public meeting.

He also directed comments at PNCR Parliamentarians Ganesh Mahipaul, and Natasha Singh-Lewis; Regional Chairman Daniel Seeram, and Mayor Ubraj Narine who had issued a joint statement condemning the remarks of Ogunseye and another WPA Member Rhonda Layne.

According to Hinds, by refusing to remain silent and standing up against what has been described as hateful and racist remarks made by Ogunseye, the Indo-Guyanese members of the opposition have fed into the belief that they are traitors.


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