‘You have nothing to fear; you are our trusted partner’
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President, Dr Irfaan Ali (right); First Lady, Mrs Arya Ali (centre) and US Ambassador to Guyana Sarah-Ann Lynch. (Office of the President photo)
President, Dr Irfaan Ali (right); First Lady, Mrs Arya Ali (centre) and US Ambassador to Guyana Sarah-Ann Lynch. (Office of the President photo)

– President Ali tells US Congressional delegation

PRESIDENT Dr. Irfaan Ali on Friday described the United States of America (USA) as a “trusted partner” that stood by Guyana when it mattered most and he emphasised that Guyana will continue to be an important strategic partner to the USA.

Speaking during a reception hosted at the United States (US) Ambassador’s residence on Friday night in honour of the visiting US Congressional House Committee on Ways and Means delegation, the President underscored the importance of the growing partnership between Guyana and the US, and how it is being used to the mutual benefit of the two nations.

“You are our trusted partner. We are proud of our partnership and we’re going to work together to make Guyana and the US stronger together.

“You have nothing to fear; Guyana is, and will continue to be an important strategic partner of the United States. And the opportunities here is open for both the United States and your private sector. And we want to see greater participation from the US private sector,” Dr. Ali noted.

President Dr. Irfaan Ali, the visiting congressional delegation and U.S Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch (Office of the President photo)
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The Head of State further added, “You are one of those countries that stood up when it mattered based on your principles for democracy. That is important because you are not a fair-weather friend; your relationship is based on principles and values and that is what we value. We are working together with you and we can assure you of a government that is open. We are working to advance transparency and accountability.”

Prior to the dinner on Friday, the President hosted the delegation at a State luncheon at State House.

“We had the distinct pleasure of examining different issues and challenges. We spoke about our experiences in housing…we spoke about how we can advance the transformation – human resource transformation, and ensure that the human resource transformation is linked to the infrastructure transformation, healthcare and education,” Dr. Ali explained.

The Congressional Committee delegation arrived in Guyana on Thursday night and left on Saturday following discussions about business and trade opportunities here.
In addition to meeting with the government, they also met with members of the political opposition and officials from ExxonMobil Guyana.

The delegation was led by Committee Chair, Congressman Jason Smith; the other members included Terri Sewell, Carol Miller, Michelle Fischbach, Beth Van Duyne and Mike Carey, along with representative of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Kelly Armstrong.

Chair of the Congressional House Committee on Ways and Means, Congressman Jason Smith (Office of the President photo)

Guyana was the delegation’s last stop in a three-country tour, which also included stops in Mexico and Ecuador.

Smith noted that that the partnership that America has with Guyana can only get stronger.

“The friendship and the partnership that the American people have with this country will only get stronger. We want to see you all become so successful. We want to see you all become so successful and have the most amazing infrastructure and quality of life. I just want to thank you all for having us to your country. Remember that you have friends in Washington,” Smith remarked.

Meanwhile, in her remarks, US Ambassador to Guyana Sarah-Ann Lynch applauded the government for taking bold leaps to transform Guyana and making strides towards transparency and accountability, which she noted continues to bolster investor confidence in the country.

“We applaud the Government of Guyana for the strides it has taken to make this country so attractive to investors. They’ve been excellent partners in energy, in agro-business and in security. There are major infrastructure projects underway across the country and the progress is constant. The government clearly wants to leverage the opportunities they are receiving and the United States stands ready to assist,” Lynch said.

She added, “So, we encourage the government to keep doing what they’re doing – striving towards transparency [and] accountability to improve the quality of life for all Guyanese. Leveraging our close economic links to bring greater prosperity and greater opportunities for the Guyanese people is an important cornerstone of our engagement here, and we will continue to work with the government and the people of Guyana.”

The American diplomat commended Guyana’s political leaders for continuing to honour its contractual commitments, which signals to investors the level of security with which they can invest in Guyana, and expect dependable relations.

“Since first oil, Guyana’s political leaders have honoured contractual commitments and continue to do so. This signals the importance of the sanctity of contracts, which is foundational to any economy and, in particular, Guyana as it continues to transform at a record pace. While there’s still challenges to overcome, we believe that meaningful discussions and continued inclusivity can foster solid relationships and craft solutions to meet shared challenges,” Lynch noted.

Thankful for the commendations of the work being done by the government to transform the country, the President noted that it is not only the government but many stakeholders who contribute significantly to the development and advancement of the country.

“I’m very proud of the men and women in our society who are working so hard every day to ensure that Guyana is on the forefront and ensure Guyana is winning every day,” the Head of State said.

He pledged that the government will continue on its current path of a clear strategy for the country, as discussions continue on how Guyana can be assisted in advancing the transformation of its human resources to keep up with the country’s infrastructural and social transformations in healthcare and education.

“Our mission is to catalyse the revenues from oil and gas to position Guyana to function in a world 2030 and beyond that will be very, very different. Guyanese and the world will understand the importance of the policy making and the policy framework we are utilising now,” the President said.

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