What a journey!

From television reporter to heart specialist

IT was with great determination and dedication that Dr. Allan Outridge equipped himself with to become a heart specialist. He was once a journalist, and today he aspires to fulfil all his medical dreams, including going to Russia to pursue studies.

These days, the good doctor is aiming high as the sky, where there is no limit to educating and qualifying himself.

His medical journey started when he had a stint at National Telecommunications Network (NCN) as a reporter between 2004 and 2005.

Dr. Outridge told the Pepperpot Magazine that one day he was at work when he saw an advertisement for possible candidates to study medicine abroad, which was a scholarship and knowing he wasn’t financially capable of doing it on his own, he grabbed the opportunity by applying.

He penned his application and with his qualifications, he was shortlisted for the medical programme in Havana, Cuba, in 2006.

Dr. Allan Outridge with some of his staffers (Shaniece Bamfield photos)

Dr. Outridge reported that he spent seven years and when he first arrived, it was a culture shock for him. The language barrier and the completely different lifestyle was all new to him.

He admitted within the first year, he called home and told his mother he wanted to quit, but she wouldn’t allow it even though he was homesick.

Dr. Outridge pressed on despite the challenges and he returned to Guyana in 2013 and was placed at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). After some time, he requested to be transferred to his hometown of Linden.

He worked at all the hospitals in the mining town and after three years in the medical profession, he got another opportunity to do his Master’s in Medicine in China.

The doctor stated that he applied for the programme and out of 100 applicants, he was shortlisted as one of 10, then downsized to one of eight, after which he was accepted and left for China.

However, all wasn’t well for the doctor who could not cope with the technical method in China and asked to return to complete the programme in Cuba, due to their more hands-on training approach.

Dr. Outridge explained that after a year in China, he returned to Cuba and spent three years and successfully attained his Master’s Degree in Medicine.

He added that he returned to Guyana and his vision bore fruit via the Empire Medical Centre Inc. with the support of the board of directors and a few individuals who came on board with him.

“I knew what I wanted to do and while I was studying, I had to quit my extravagant lifestyle and I sent back money to Guyana to finance the hospital to bring it to an acceptable standard,’ he said.

Dr. Outridge stated that it was a lot of self-sacrifices and he put pieces of himself into the hospital with the support of three individuals, an aviator, a lawyer and a board member of St. Joseph Mercy Hospital.

The Cardiologist told the Pepperpot Magazine that the private hospital is fully equipped and adequately staffed with various specialists to provide a reliable, professional service to both local and overseas patients.

He pointed out that they have had a lot of overseas patients, who keep returning for the service, which is quite pleasing.

Dr. Outridge has a suite on the top floor of the three-storey building, which houses the hospital that provides in-patient service and accommodation in Central Amelia’s Ward, Linden.

He is fluent in five languages and on June 7, 2021, he opened the Empire Medical Centre Inc. with just two rooms and a waiting area.

The physical building is only 70 percent completed and they have since met the requirements to become a full-fledged hospital offering various services.

Since establishing the hospital, Dr. Outridge reported that he hasn’t had a day off in two years and still has his eyes set on furthering his studies in Russia.


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