PNC’S efforts will fail

THE PNC keeps using the same claims of racial discrimination in an effort to shore up its declining base of support. However, the PNC’s goal of splitting Guyanese at a time when racial peace has never been as amply proven as it is right now under yet another PPP/C administration will not be achieved by such ongoing agitation by perpetual losers.

This is especially true at a time when President Irfaan Ali’s administration is providing more commodities to Guyanese citizens on a daily basis than at any other point in the country’s history.
Throughout its existence, the PNC has consistently been a bitter loser. When the majority of Guyanese voters reject it, it never accepts defeat, and always finds a way to complain that it was “cheated”.

In 1992, when the PNC claimed it had lost, this behaviour by the only party in Guyana with a lengthy history of suspicions of election stealing was shamelessly replicated once more.
The party claimed that it lost after 28 years of uninterrupted rule, not because the majority of voters thought enough elections had been stolen, but rather due to some fictitious global plot in Dr. Cheddi Jagan and the People’s Progressive Party (PPP)’s favour.

After President Jagan’s death in 1997, the PPP/Civic fielded its next-best candidate, Mrs. Janet Jagan. But after Mrs. Jagan won, fair and square, the defeated PNC refused to accept her ascent to the presidency, because she was “not born in Guyana…”

Never mind, Mrs. Jagan was the longest-serving re-elected member of the National Assembly. After her life-long political partner died, the PNC’s lawyers invented the most ridiculous legal challenges to try to reverse the expressed will of the majority. And when that failed, the party embarked on a scorched-earth policy of daily and violent street protests.
The PPP and PNC agreed to allow CARICOM leaders to mediate, leading to the Herdmanston Accord that proposed a ‘Term Limit’ scheme, whereby future elected presidents could serve only two consecutive terms.

The PPP/C then replaced the aged President, Mrs. Jagan with the youngest presidential candidate in Guyana’s history, Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo, who brought home the elections bacon twice in succession.

Resulting from the ‘term limit’ provision, Mr. Donald Ramotar was selected by the PPP to lead the party into the 2011 general and regional elections. Mr. Ramotar won the presidency in 2011, and succeeded Mr. Jagdeo as President. The PNC-led A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC) held an unprecedented one-seat parliamentary majority from the opposition side of the House.

President Ramotar survived his five-year term. The PNC-dominated APNU+AFC would win the general and regional elections in 2015 without complaints from the PPP/C.
The PNC-led APNU+AFC’s internal combustions and the David Granger administration’s failure to offer Guyanese any positive hope for the future, despite oil being discovered under their watch, made victory for the coalition in 2020 unlikely.

But when the expected happened, the sore losers refused to accept the electorate’s rejection, claiming the PPP/C (in opposition) had conspired with the Elections Commission to ‘steal’ its victory.

During the five long months they attempted to cling to the offices they lost, PNC spokespersons claimed they had copies of official Statements of Poll (SOPs), indicating where and how they had been cheated. But, to this day (all of two years later), the SOPs have remained concealed from the public’s eye – likely elements of the PNC leadership’s wild imagination.

Unable to provide one scintilla of evidence to support its latest laughable claims of being cheated out of office, the PNC again resorted to the usual griping, while latching on to any and every availed or created opportunity to repeat and replay its never-ending 2020 electoral last post.


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