No Guyanese will ever forget the infamous PNC’s band of outlaws

Dear Editor,
The Men on Mission spread its wings last week in the other regions, as President, Dr. Irfaan Ali took part in the Regional Kilo Walk to commemorate CARICOM Energy Week 2022. Hinterland connectivity was also boosted with a new company, Green Gibraltar, establishing internet services at Rockstone Village in Region 10.

The new week began with public servants still reeling around their heads the news of the eight per cent across-the-board salary increase, retroactive to January 1. In addition, the joint services will enjoy a further five per cent – 21 per cent salary increases.

Demerara Bank mustered $2.9 billion after-tax profit, while the AFC wallowed (wailed) it will be divorced from the PNC by year end with Nagamootoo and Trotman in the rear view. FIFA World Cup 2022 kicked off in Qatar with Ecuador drawing first blood against host, Qatar. Major surprisingly wins continued to be scored from many upsets. Nicholas Pooran has quitted as West Indies white-ball cricket captain.

Over 200 people died and hundreds are injured after a 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck the main Indonesian island of Java. The PNC was a “no show” at a GECOM-summoned meeting.
Over 400 athletes will be participating in the Inter Guiana games hosted here. As you enjoy the Dharmic Sabha’s Kala Utsav, do pause for a moment also to digest the week’s reviews with the views:

1) President Ali stated, “We have to train our human resources to function in this new economy we’re talking about where technology and science will play a key role.” The entire service sector will need to be revamped and reoriented by taking strides and jumping hurdles.

2) First Lady Arya Ali declared, “I made the announcement about the Menstrual Hygiene Initiative and we waited patiently and hoped for support from our partners.” P & P Insurance Brokers and the UNFPA are the latest stakeholders to partner with the first Lady with their contribution.

3) US Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch cautioned: “There are many challenges and two key ones are inclusion and the potential corruption.” She added that Guyana has made many efforts towards inclusion and they will have to continue at an increased pace.

4) Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony advised: “Make it a habit and do your regular check-ups. Check your ears and ensure that everything is going well.” The PPP/C government is providing this service free of cost and also distribute free hearing aids.

5) Public Service Minister Sonia Parag cautioned: “Therefore, when people argue that there should be this amount of increase and a 50 per cent increase, as the GPSU called for last year, I don’t believe it’s economical because you have to sustain it.” The PPP/C Government is taking a precautionary measure in the event that any of the revenue-generating sectors may not be economically viable as they currently are.

6) Education Minister Priya Manickchand warned young CPCE trainees: “You can’t abuse people’s children and believe, somehow or the other, that is the order of the day.” The PPP/C Government is encouraging teachers to find new and civilized disciplinary methods to institute in the classroom.

7) Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapha told farmers from Region Nine, “The President came to Region Nine to ensure we develop this important sector. He met with farmers and listened to their needs. He made several commitments and today we are here to deliver on those commitments because when this government makes a commitment, we always deliver on it.” Some 16 villages have been given aid to the tune of $22 million.

8) Mr. Rohee in his op-ed concluded, “If Norton believes that by huffing and puffing he’ll blow the PPP/C house down, he better start thinking again.” The days of the big, bad wolf are over but the world will still reflect on the electoral heist that was attempted in 2020. No Guyanese will ever forget the infamous PNC’s band of outlaws.

9) Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister, Kwame McCoy, implored Guyanese to, “Look around for yourself, reason logical, or better yet, talk de ting straight up….” Aubrey Norton would prefer the government abandon its sound transformational agenda, halt the country’s developmental projects and encourage unemployment, fall prey to the Dutch Disease and blow away all the oil money and then everything else ‘wudda suck salt.’

10) DDL’s Chairman, Komal Samaroo beamed, “This is an extraordinary achievement for the bank and is historically unheard of in the local banking sector.” Demerara Bank Ltd. had a 25 per cent growth in its credit portfolio and raked in some $2.95 billion dollars in after-tax profit.

Over 200 employees from the magistracy are smiling with their free computer training provided by Zara Computer Center. Residents of Swan Village, Soesdyke-Linden Highway are smiling with their new $28.7 million Primary School. Residents of Isseneru are smiling with their newly commissioned $59 million water-supply system.  Over 200 Burma residents in Region Five are smiling with their allocated house lots. As one week ends and another week begins, do remember, “Everywhere you go, take a smile with you.”

Yours respectfully,
Jai Lall

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