Teen with lupus still awaiting kidney transplant
16-year-old Adaicia Semple
16-year-old Adaicia Semple

SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD Adaicia Semple is hoping that she will soon be able to undergo a kidney transplant which has been delayed because of a “flare up” of her lupus.
In 2020, she was diagnosed with lupus, a disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your tissues and organs. Inflammation caused by lupus can affect different parts of the body, including your joints, skin, kidneys, and other vital organs. The kidney failure diagnosis was made in 2021.

Because of the disease, she is unable to see with her left eye; the sight in the right eye has also been affected.
The teen was set to have a kidney transplant in January of this year, however, it was delayed following a blood transfusion.

Doctors subsequently informed the teen and her relatives that the surgery would have to be delayed as she is battling a “flare up” of lupus which would make it difficult for them to operate.
According to her mother, Ulex Semple, doctors said that the teenager’s lupus must be suppressed before they can move ahead with the transplant surgery.

Despite the long wait, Adaicia is optimistic that she will soon get better and would be able to move forward with the kidney transplant.
Since her diagnosis, the teen has not been able to partake in her usual routine. Nevertheless, she hopes to one-day return to her old self.

Back in June, she had told the Guyana Chronicle that once recovered, she was hoping to complete her secondary education at the Berbice High School and, subsequently, to further her studies at President’s College and then the University of Guyana.
An online fundraising platform, https://gofund.me/625fb003, has been set up to assist the teen with her medical expenses.


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