Kabakaburi girl heads to QC

SARAH Baharally has made the residents of Kabakaburi Mission, Pomeroon River and Maria’s Lodge on the Essequibo Coast proud, after she excelled at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA).

With the 515 marks she gained, the Suddie Primary School pupil was awarded a place at Queen’s College. Her excellent performance has also placed her among the top performers in the country.

An aspiring astrophysicist, Baharally had to leave her home village of Kabakaburi, after both of her parents secured jobs on the Essequibo Coast. Maria’s Lodge became their new home.

According to her mother, Mariette Roberts, who is a teacher at Huist Diren Primary, her daughter is the first child from the Pomeroom to excel at the national examination.

The proud mother said that she will ensure that her daughter attends Queen’s College. She told the Guyana Chronicle that, despite moving to various locations, Baharally was determined to stay focused and to excel.

Sarah Baharally and her mother

“Sarah has always been self-motivated to study and do well. She’s a lover of science and loves how the universe works. She is gravitated to nature and is fascinated by it,” the mother said.

Sarah was selected to participate in the University of Guyana Regional Acceleration for Stem Students Readiness (UG-RASSR) programme. According to the university’s website, the programme caters for the systematic discovery, mentorship and development of young STEM learners from the 10 regions of Guyana. Approximately 100 NGSA pupils who recorded outstanding performances in mathematics and science were chosen.

Roberts told this publication that the programme managers will monitor her child’s performance and offer sponsorship for her to pursue studies in science, mathematics and engineering.

Meanwhile, an excited Baharally said that she knew she would have performed well.

“I spent sleepless nights revising, going through my work. It was challenging [with] the pandemic but I had to do it for my family and my school,” the young girl said before adding that she ensured that she remained focused.

She said the move to the Essequibo Coast was the best decision her parents made for her. She used the opportunity to thank her parents, teachers and family members for supporting her throughout her studies.

Her class teacher, Roslyn Osborne, described her as a gifted child who always displayed
good leadership skills.

During her spare time, she enjoys playing table tennis with her sister and cousin.


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