‘Influencers’ should be more truthful to their followers about their paths to success

IF you have amassed a large following on social media and even in real life, I am pleading with you all to please be honest and truthful with yourself and your followers when opportunities were handed to you. I have no clue why so many “influencers” are obsessed over the “started from the bottom, now we’re here” narrative. Stop spinning false narratives and giving false hope to people who may be following you or to people who may look up to you as an example of how they can become what they aspire to be. I know my privileges, and I’ve always been open and honest about them when needed. I personally know it, and I am aware and vocal about it. I wish others could do the same.

Many followers, especially a vulnerable audience, will look up to you for various reasons. Many of them listen to or view your content so that they can emulate what you do. I know that, at the end of the day you aren’t responsible for what people do with the information you put out there. However, morally, I do believe that every influencer and influential figure should be able to share stories and information when giving advice, truthfully. Many people online love to share or repost “inspirational” think pieces but they refuse to be held accountable for their opinions or the narratives they spin. If you got into a programme via “links, ” don’t share the same opportunity with others without mentioning how you got it to begin with. If you’re encouraging people to break generational financial curses by being an entrepreneur, be sure to share that you had the help of a trust fund to start the said business, to begin with. If you spent money buying Instagram likes and followers, don’t share tips on organically growing a page. We’re now in the era of influencers, and I’ve noticed how vulnerable certain audiences (especially younger ones) can be. It’s a shame many influencers exploit said vulnerability to their advantage.

If your close connections or privileges afforded you opportunities to get a scholarship, a job, a title or any other opportunity, then so be it. If you were handed an opportunity that you worked for, then good for you as well. I’m not mad at you. Why would I be? I am, however, livid at people who come on here spinning narratives of “self-proclaimed success”, trying to influence people on how they can do the same when it really isn’t the case. If you really want to help them, you can share those very “links” with them and/or advocate for fairness amongst every citizen of this land. If we’re all being honest with ourselves, then we will acknowledge by now that nepotism is no stranger to our land, and for some, that is okay but do not lie about it. Say it as it is, or don’t say anything at all.

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