Two more junior cricketers benefit from the project
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Ashmini Munisar (right) receives her tokens from Winroy Bakker.
Ashmini Munisar (right) receives her tokens from Winroy Bakker.

Project Cricket Gear for young and promising cricketers in Guyana…

Berbice and Guyana junior female player, Ashmini Munisar, and national Under -15 prospect, Adrian Hetmyer, are the latest cricketers to benefit from the ‘Cricket gear for young and promising cricketers in Guyana project’.

This project is an initiative of Kishan Das of the USA and Anil Beharry of Guyana.

Munisar is a student of the Guyana School of Agriculture and represented Guyana at the national Under -19 level in 2019 at the tender age of 15.

The off-spinning all-rounder was the recipient of a gear bag, a bat, a pair of batting pads, a pair of batting gloves and one helmet.

Hetmyer, a student of Berbice Educational Institute, the son of former national youth player Seon Hetmyer and nephew of West Indies star batsman, Shimron Hetmyer, received one bat.

The young Hetmyer recently scored 3 centuries in 4 innings in a Berbice Cricket Board Under -15 Tournament and had a good outing in the only match he played in the GCB/Dave West Indian Imports/Exports Inter County Under -15.

He is a classy right-handed batsman and medium pace bowler.

Both players are from the fast-rising Rose Hall Community Cricket Club.

At a simple presentation held recently, Winroy Bakker, a representative of the donors Romash Munna; former West Indies Under -19 and current USA batsman, Gajanand Singh; Kelvin Brijlall,

Ravi Etwaroo, all of the USA, said that the donors are pleased to give back to young talented players through this noble initiative.

He pledged, on their behalf, continued support. Munisar and Hetmyer both expressed gratitude and promised to continue to work hard to make everyone and themselves proud.

Under 15 prospect Adrian Hetmyer (Right) receives tokens from Winroy Bakker

The project is geared to assist young players and has reached out to many promising cricketers and clubs across the length and breadth of Guyana and it is the hope of the organisers to assist in producing more cricketers for Guyana and West Indies.

Total cricket-related items collected so far are $130,000 cash, two trophies, eleven cricket boots, seventeen pairs of batting pads, nineteen bats, thirteen pairs of batting gloves, nineteen thigh pads, one wicket-keeping pad, one arm guard, six cricket bags and two helmets. In addition to the above, $600,000 worth in gear was donated by Sheik Mohamed, former National wicket- keeper/batsman.

To date, thirty-six young players from all three counties of Guyana have already benefitted from three sets of gear, two trophies, one arm guard, thirteen bats, one box, two helmets, nine pairs of cricket shoes, nine pairs of batting pads, one bat rubber and eleven pairs of batting gloves.

In addition, the Rose Hall Estate Cricket Club benefitted from two sets of stumps and bails, while two clubs in the Pomeroon area benefitted from two used bats.

The Pomeroon, Leguan and Wakenam Cricket Committees, along with Cotton Tree Die Hard and Rose Hall CCCC also received one box of red cricket balls each.

Cricket-related items, used or new, will be distributed free of cost to young and promising cricketers in Guyana.

Skills, discipline and education are important characteristics of the recipients. Talent spotting is being done across the country and club leaders will also assist to identify talent.

Progressive and well managed clubs will also benefit. We take this opportunity to thank Javed and Imran of West Indian Sports Complex, Option Group of USA, Hilbert Foster, Bish Panday of P and P Insurance Brokers, Sean Devers, Trevis Simon, Årïêl J. Tïlkú, Aaron Beharry, Leanna Bachan and Imran Saccoor, Devon Ramnauth, Teddy Singh, Romash Munna, Ravi Etwaroo, Kelvin Brijlall, Ravin Harkishun, Surendra Harkishun, Allan Mangru, Vishal Mahabir, Sherman Austin, Huburn Evans, Rajendra Sadeo and Ramesh Sunich of Trophy Stall; Sheik Mohamed of Star Sports Awards and Trophies and Ajay Gainda of Cricket Equipment Guyana; Gajanand Singh, Peter Ramkissoon, Rabindranath Saywack, Roshan Gaffoor, Ameer Rahaman, Denesh Chandrapaul and Dr. Cecil Beharry.

Anyone interested in contributing can contact Anil Beharry on 623 6875 or Kishan Das on 1 (718) 664 0896.

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