Number 10 Village Where residents enjoy a simple way of life
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Rice framer, Rajesh Parrimkumar (Carl Croker photos)
Rice framer, Rajesh Parrimkumar (Carl Croker photos)

Rajesh Parrimkumar is a very simple man but a hardworking rice farmer who is trying to harvest his cultivation before the rainy season is upon us.

He is a resident of Number 10 Village, Mahaica Creek, East Coast Demerara and is renting some farmlands within the village to plant rice.

Parrimkumar stated that they are in the process of cutting rice, but the rain has been hampering the process, causing delays.

He reported that rice farming has been in his family for a long time, for as long as he can remember, his father was a rice farmer.

As such, he grew up and became a rice farmer since the prospects of getting other jobs in that area are non-existent.

“Rice farming is a nice thing once you know what you are doing, it is a lot of work, but it brings in an income when there is a harvest, a profit isn’t guaranteed because of many challenges including, the weather but we try to make it work,” he said.

Home of Rajesh Parrimkumar

This villager started to help his father on the farm at a young age, so he was in the ‘know’ about rice farming after some time.

In 1992, Parrimkumar started his own farm which is located aback Mahaica Creek and Mahaicony Village, way into the backlands area.

He has lived all his life in the village and he has a very contented life, a nice, clean home and a wife and children by his side.

Parrimkumar also went to school in the village and back then he did so by launch or boat. Today, an existing road made things a lot easier for the people there.

He stated that life wasn’t always easy but he is happy that things have changed for the better in terms of community-based development.

Parrimkumar added that his mother died two years ago but his father is alive and is a taxi driver in the village.

He stopped framing due to his age and he is doing what suits him as a pensioner.

The rice farmer told the Pepperpot Magazine that he got married in 1994 and the union produced two children.

The eldest, a daughter, is married with one child, a daughter and she resides next door with her family.

The 42-year-old disclosed that his son is unmarried and he assists him with the farming and they would employ a man or two when they have to harvest.

“The weather plays a vital role in a good production and lately, I have had losses due to the flood and the consistent rainfall,” he said.

However, this crop, which he started cutting rice, he is hoping for a favourable production. He has a rice cultivation of 250 acres of land.

Vidyawattie Samaroo, the expectant mother
Meanwhile, in the same village, is the home of Vidyawattie Samaroo, a stay-at-home mother of a toddler, who is heavily pregnant with her second child.

The homemaker told the Pepperpot Magazine that she would have a lot to do in and around the house and when the team visited, she was washing some clothes.

Her house is located at the rear of her husband’s aunt’s place where they have crops of boulanger and tomatoes.

Vidyawattie Samaroo

Samaroo stated that life in Number 10 Village is quiet and nice.

Because she has no problems with the people and it is one of those villages where people do not get involved in other people’s business.

The 21-year-old added that after marriage four years ago, she relocated to Number 10 Village and it has been good.

Home of Vidyawattie Samaroo

She is originally from Enmore, East Coast Demerara and is married to a combine operator, who was away that day, at work in the rice fields.

Samaroo reported that she hardly ever has to leave the house except to go shopping or go to the clinic which is at High Dam, Mahaicony, also on the East Coast Demerara.

Since vehicles selling goods, greens, and just about everything else comes into the community regularly.

“Life here is breezy, peaceful and nice. I like it here, things are just going well and it is home because I have my own little family, and I am looking forward to seeing my unborn baby,” she said.

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