The small-business owner who gives back to his village and society
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Lennox Parris’ home and business place (Delano Williams photo)
Lennox Parris’ home and business place (Delano Williams photo)

MAYBE it is his benevolent upbringing or his grounded moral values which was instilled in him as a boy, but whatever it is, Lennox Parris is a very giving man and a resident of Silvertown, Wismar, Linden, who contributes to the community.

He had spent some time abroad but returned to Guyana, where he established his own small business, Lennox Party Rental/Delivery Service based at his residence, 170 Third Street, Silvertown, Wismar, Linden.

Whenever he can, he does his part in giving back, more so, has been doing just that for as long as he can remember and plays an integral part in community-based development in his village.

Parris has a soft spot for his people, the folk of his home village and whenever they ask, he cannot refuse them.

“Living next door to a church, we had to attend church regularly and I think it was always a part of me to give because to receive, one must give and that is my motto for a simple life,” he said.

Parris told the Pepperpot Magazine that when he launched his small business, the people in Linden supported him in many ways, making his business possible and he thought of no other way than to give back to them.

So once or twice a year, depending on how business is, he would host a party in the village for the children and people where they would enjoy a fun day with all the trimmings in terms of food and toys.

Lennox Parris in his office/store

“I have reliable customers, and the support in this region alone is tremendous, because when people have a small event, they would call for my services and I ensure it is well catered for,” he said.

For Parris, having such a business means there is no ‘rest day’’ for him and his staff, all from the community, but they do not mind because serving people is what they do best.

The people of Silvertown have nothing but good things to say about Parris, who is a down-to-earth, humble kind of guy, a friend to all.

Parris started the small business seven years ago and his business has grown since and he does all kinds of events from birthdays, to wakes, to parties, to barbeques and just about any social function where he would have a special pocket-friendly package.

This package includes chairs, tables, DJ equipment, food, tents, décor and all catering utensils.

Parris provides employment for 13 persons from Linden, who work both full-time and part-time and it is a seven-day-a-week business and they have a small but cosy office/store at his residence.

This Sunday, Parris will be hosting a lime for the people in Silvertown, where he will provide all food and drinks.

He told the Pepperpot Magazine that he will have games and goodies for the children of the village.

Parris Party Rentals provides barbeque grills, folded chairs, tables, tents, half drums for beverages, food racks, food pans, generator, bounce castle and plastic plates, cups and forks/spoons.

As for Lennox’s Delivery Service they can transport, purchase items and deliver it to any location needed in relative ease and it is a reliable, efficient service which is also pocket-friendly.

Marlon Murray, the hilltop farmer
Meanwhile, in another section of the village which is uphill, after a very steep climb, is the home of Marlon Murray.

His house and shop sit comfortably on a hill in Silvertown, which overlooks the downhill part and it is a very scenic place.

Marlon Murray and one of his six children

Murray is the father of six, who was assisting his children in preparing their uniforms for the re-opening of school on Monday last.

The 43-year-old told the Pepperpot Magazine that he has been living in Silvertown for the past 23 years, but he is originally from the city.

He left Georgetown and relocated to Linden and started a simple life as a farmer/shopkeeper.

Marlon Murray drinking from the natural spring near his home

Murray added that his last crops of cabbage and pak choy were destroyed by birds, so he had to do some construction work to bring in an income to the home, since his shop isn’t functioning.

“I am trying to save up to re-stock the shop so I can re-open it, but that will take some time and I am a patient man,” he said.

Marlon Murray’s shop

A short distance from his home, downhill, is a natural spring and he, like others, would fill up drinking water and he is responsible for keeping his surroundings clean and tidy.

Murray’s home and yard are very clean and well kept like most of Silvertown Village.

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