Even the deaf will hear, the blind will see and the dumb will talk

Dear Editor,

GUYANA’S Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, has indicated that charges may be brought against the country’s former Finance Minister under the previous APNU+AFC government, Winston Jordan, over the handling of the US$18M signing bonus paid by ExxonMobil, if an imminent investigation proves wrongdoing. A clever Shemaine Campbelle google introduced by the skipper at a strategic moment for a game mixer. After much coaxing, cajoling and calling, a statement replying to this enquiry was issued. The former minister’s response, “These allegations are false, baseless and repugnant. As on a previous occasion, circa November 2020, I say without fear that they are designed to impugn my character, tarnish my image and lower my esteem in the eyes of my family, friends, admirers, well-wishers and the general public.” Surprised by the ball or the turn of events? Quite a mouthful from a learned person who immediately resorted to playing on the back foot to a turning ball, shooting at his feet and middle stumps. Would Clive Lloyd react to such a delivery in a similar fashion? In a social media post, the Attorney-General purported, “You will recall the Finance Minister, at the time, denying that we ever received that US$18M bonus, and then we subsequently found that it was deposited in some account at the Central Bank, authorised by him in writing… and then of course he took that money and invested it somewhere in the United States… it is unclear where that money is.” Now, that’s a Colin Croft’s yorker, direct, dangerous and delivered to hit you right where it hurts. Trust the Attorney-General to do his groundwork before committing himself to any speculation. In a defensive mode, the brazenness of Winston Jordan emerges with, ““Moreover, they are intended to intimidate me, in light of my scathing criticism of the government’s approach to development of my beloved country. I cannot and will not be intimidated,” Playing down temperamentally, Leonard Baichan’s shot is executed much to the delight of Geoff Boycott, but rattled by this hyped attack. A brave soldier like David Granger would urge a forward march while maintaining his cool distance in the rear. The battle continues with World War 11 in secession. When India faces Pakistan in any form of the cricket game, you can be assured that battle gears are fashionable and weapons of destruction are deployed to ensure that each team is fitted with the best armour. Which ground will play out this magnificent game between the Attorney-General and the former Minister of Finance? Will it be the former internationally renowned grass-rooted splendour of Bourda, or, the New Providence Stadium, with a larger and modern facility enhancement? Why mention our penultimate High Court or the grand finale, CCJ? This is not election time, as yet, but, a preparatory influenza to castrate and castigate the corrupted concomitants at large. How biased or unbiased will be the umpires? Will they be supportive of facts and figures or persons and personalities? Mr. Anil Nandlall also stressed the paramount importance of the nature of the accusation and the degree or extent of its implications. This is spreading a wide field at the boundary waiting for the catch. This matter remains a burning issue with the Guyanese public at large, regardless of political affiliation, creating much strife and uncomfortableness from the former administration, especially when caught with their pants down, exposing a juicy tenderness which is appalling and uncouth. Andy Roberts warming at the northern end. When the aggressive PPP/C party was in opposition, it did promise to investigate and reveal all the wrongdoing and corrupt practices of the APNU+AFC government and investigate all the many speculated and suspicious transactions, which yielded creditable and profitable rewards to many players in office and their affiliates, much like a mean and vicious Michael Holding attack. Currently, much hoodwinking is suspiciously being entertained and, there is a big appetite to create indigestion. Careful with the slow and lanky Lance Gibbs. The room for manoeuvrability is flexibly in pursuit as circumstances consistently present themselves in different colours, flavours and sizes. Viv Richards in his day playing left, right and centre. Guyanese ingenuity is remarkably sustained by creative initiative and glibly undetected in secrecy and disguise. The unorthodox new lifting of the ball by the batsman and playing over the wicket-keeper is a calculated risk. Such intuition is innovatively original and far from being argumentative, not imitative. The former and formidable batsmen will play conventional shots and strokes, except Rohan Kanhai, who mastered the hook shot. This war of words is the former Caribbean’s cavalier approach to take the fight to the opponents. Remember Alvin Kallicharan attacking the beastly and ferocious Lillee in the famous first World Cup cricket game at Lord’s in 1975? Oh, the days of West Indies glorious cricket days are in jeopardy, and yes, now played overseas and not at home. Someone mentioned big bucks, huge payoffs and offshore banking as a lure to invite local destabilisation, perks and kickbacks. The cars are fastly approaching the goose neck turn and the horses are entering the last stretch home. A conclusive point of consideration has the laser beam arrow pointing towards an APNU+AFC administration denial, acceptance, acknowledgement and confession, which speaks volumes. Even the deaf will hear, the blind will see and the dumb will talk. Should we be talking about Suriname’s US$100M signing bonus?

Yours respectfully,
Jai Lall

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