Deplorable Cane Grove roads get $300M facelift
The Cane Grove roads have been easier to navigate since the commencement of rehabilitative works (DPI photo)
The Cane Grove roads have been easier to navigate since the commencement of rehabilitative works (DPI photo)

RESIDENTS of Cane Grove, Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica), are now able to better ‘navigate’ the roads in the village, following the initiation of rehabilitative works valuing $300 million.
The work, which is being administered through the Ministry of Public Works, has already improved the lives of many villagers who have since expressed their gratitude to the government.
Speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI), a teacher, Padmini Seeraj, said: “Since I was a small girl growing up in Cane Grove, the road was very terrible and I am very happy there has been some development in our village… I would just like to encourage the government and everyone to keep developing the community and the country.” For Mizoon Baksh, who lives just outside of Cane Grove, the upgrades are welcomed as she visits the community’s health centre often.  “This road was very bad compared to what I see alyuh doing and I see on the news they doing the Cane Grove road going straight out to market which is very, very good,” the woman said. Baksh added that she is relieved because the roadworks will contribute to reduced transportation costs since expenses related to vehicular maintenance will decrease. Smooth access to the health centre was also an important issue for Donald Mahasse, who is a small business owner. Mahasse said: “It will benefit people going to the health centre… The government is trying as far as I am concerned.”
Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Cane Grove Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), Keshni Rooplall also gave the road projects her stamp of approval.

“Being the Chair for the last three years and being on the Council [NDC] for the last six years, these roads were in a deplorable state, which I would say also would make the lives of our residents one of inconvenience,” Rooplall said. In the lead up to the presentation of the Budget 2020, Minister Bishop Juan Edghill and Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar, had engaged the NDC to assess the community’s infrastructural needs. “Roads will be done in phases. So, that’s one of the initiatives that I would welcome as the NDC Chair and I am sure that my council shares the same sentiments,” Rooplall said. On the main access road, nearly $200 million in road upgrades are 20 per cent complete.
Within the community, the rehabilitation of Mandir and Health Centre Streets stand at 70 per cent and 45 per cent completed, respectively. Those works were contracted to the tune of $62 million. Over at Bendulla Dam, the $62 million contractual works are 45 per cent completed. Under the 2021 Budget, $25.6 billion has been allotted to rehabilitate and construct roads and bridges. Some $9 billion has also been set aside to advance the ministry’s miscellaneous roads programme in each region. (DPI photo)

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