Visit Guyana Tours back with full steam and gearing up for re-launch
Among the tours offered by Visit Guyana are those along the mighty Essequibo River
Among the tours offered by Visit Guyana are those along the mighty Essequibo River

VISIT Guyana Tours, an exciting and reliable local travel company that has managed to carve its niche in the country’s tourism industry within a relatively short time, will officially be re-launching in April to fully get back into the groove of facilitating vacation planning, exploration and the works.

Based on feedback, Visit Guyana has learnt that many are anxious to get back to travel

With people generally optimistic about the future and wanting to get back to travelling and the outdoors, following months of limitations brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, Visit Guyana Tours thinks there is no better time than now to re-launch.

Founded by Stacey and Chris Rahaman, Visit Guyana Tours is a spin-off of the popular Travel and Tourism Brand Visit Guyana. The company helps both local and overseas visitors to plan and execute a wide range of their holiday and travel plans in Guyana.

These include tours for birdwatching, hiking, the Essequibo River, Georgetown City, Kaieteur and Orinduik Falls; Seven Curry Tours, Market Tours and many more. Visit Guyana Tours will also be launching new tours for persons with specific interests such as art and craft, cooking, indigenous experiences and fishing.

Tours for persons with specific interests such as cooking and food will soon come on board

The company was started just before the pandemic had set in last year, and was thus put on hold. “We thought now was the perfect time to relaunch because of the travel and tour inquiries we are receiving from not only persons in the diaspora but locals and expats who are anxious to get back to travel,” Stacey told Pepperpot Magazine recently.

Due to its wide reach on social media and otherwise, the company has managed to build up relationships with people from all over the world. “They often reach out to us for tour information and guidance because they trust our brand and tour recommendations. We also, over the years, have forged wonderful relationships with many local tour operators whom we continue to work in partnership with to offer tours.”

So in a nutshell, Stacey said they took their fan inquiries and feedback into consideration and crafted tours based on their needs and the experiences of those who have visited Guyana before.
Visit Guyana reaches in the vicinity of five million people every month on its Facebook page alone and Stacey believes that this translates into a lot of interest in Guyana and the unique, immersive adventure, cultural and culinary experiences one can find here.

Stacey Rahaman at the popular Blue Lake at Kara Kara, Linden

She makes it a point to visit the places where her company offers tours and would subsequently showcase her experiences live and through photos and videos so that she is in a better position to make suggestions and offer intricate details.

“This gives people a unique perspective of the place, amenities and adventures…and also gives them the opportunity to ask direct questions about the places. People feel more secure speaking to a real person, rather than a ‘page’ and this helps them to make more informed traveller decisions,” Stacey noted.

Birdwatching and hiking tours are available

Visit Guyana also collaborates to resell tours from other tour operators and consolidates all available tours in Guyana under one roof. “For example, operators who don’t have an office or perhaps they are in a remote area and don’t have data access, they can use our office and resources to facilitate all tour logistics including bookings.”

This approach eases the burden on a potential visitor, who, rather than having to make numerous calls and visit numerous pages or offices, can get all the information they need from several tour operators in one place.


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