Coconut industry expansion on Agriculture Ministry’s agenda
Minister Mustapha and CARDI’s Jhaman Kundun engaging a Coconut Tree Planting exercise
Minister Mustapha and CARDI’s Jhaman Kundun engaging a Coconut Tree Planting exercise

THE Ministry of Agriculture is moving full steam ahead with its plans to expand Guyana’s coconut industry.
This was revealed by Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha, during a recent visit to William Adams Coconut Farm at Dalgin on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway.
Minister Mustapha revealed that the sector will be developed by intercropping, which will later be adopted all across the country.

With the many measures that were put in place for farmers in the 2020 Budget, the Agriculture Minister believes that this would boost production.
“The land rental fee, we have reduced from $15,000 back to $2000 and $1000. We have removed the drainage and irrigation charges from $8,000 to $2,500; the VAT from agriculture supplies and inputs; equipment like spray cans that farmers will need do not require paying VAT. That is the kind of policy that you should have in a country to enable farmers to produce; give them the facilities and also provide a similar environment, where the government’s policy is friendly to all,” the minister said.

The Adams farm, owned by Mr. William Adams, a re-migrant from the USA, has approximately 20 acres of land cultivated with coconut varieties for water. The Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI), along with other stakeholders, have been working with Mr. Adams to pilot and demonstrate various forms of intercropping.
According to Minister Mustapha, agriculture is the backbone of Guyana’s economy and as such the ministry is working assiduously to transform the coconut industry.

Guyana is expected to join the International Coconut Community soonest, having received an invitation from Malaysia.
Last year, another overseas Guyanese had made public his plans to inject some $500 million into the development of the coconut industry on the Essequibo Coast.
Businessman Dudley Stephens of Maria’s Lodge, Essequibo Coast, had told the Guyana Chronicle in an October 2019 interview, that his aim was to establish a coconut estate in Capoey thereby creating jobs for persons in the community as well as on the coastland.

He had noted that the coconut estates will be intercropped with pepper and citrus and subsequently, an agro –processing facility will be built.



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