Apology and retraction

PUBLIC APOLOGY AND RETRACTION OF COLUMN ENTITLED “Op Ed – A PPP Financier Hosted the Diplomatic Mission on Election Day”

On Sunday, 3 May, 2020, Guyana Chronicle published the captioned column written by Adam Harris which, among other things, expressed that Mr. Tamesh Jagmohan was ‘a PPP financier’, a ‘drug dealer’, ‘blacklisted’ by the US Embassy, and connected him to making payments in gold or cash to Charrandass Persaud or Mercury LLC, respectively, at the behest of the PPP.

This column did not meet the Guyana Chronicle’s editorial standards, and we are unable to substantiate the allegations made therein. We therefore retract the column and withdraw all allegations against Mr. Tamesh Jagmohan, and links to the column have been disabled and deleted.

Guyana Chronicle deeply regrets and apologises to Mr. Tamesh Jagmohan for any public or private embarrassment or humiliation the publication of this column may have caused.


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