Education on the upswing in Reg. 3
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Regional Information Officer, Ganesh Mahipaul
Regional Information Officer, Ganesh Mahipaul

…Mahipaul tells Leonora rally
…cites Irfaan for abusing power as minister

UNDER the David Granger-led government, residents of Essequibo Islands West Demerara have benefitted from remarkable transformation of the education sector, and a security sector that is free from political interference.

Far removed from a period when the region produced dismal education results under the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC), and witnessed political interference by that party’s presidential candidate, Irfaan Ali, who allegedly once used his political position to have a pandit arrested.

Regional Information Officer, Ganesh Mahipaul, noted this during his remarks at the APNU+AFC Regional Rally last Friday at the National Track and Field Centre at Leonora.
Mahipaul related that the major developments in the region’s education sector have been tangibly reflected both at the primary and secondary school levels, with remarkably improved results at national examinations, such as the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) and Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations.

“The David Granger-led admin transformed education across this country, more specifically in Region Three. We have transformed the primary sector. And in the last NGSA result we were number two, something that never happened [before] and we have to be grateful for that. We are the beneficiary of an early childhood development centre, where working parents can take their children and it is free of cost,” Mahipaul said.

He backed his statements with facts, comparing the performances in the Region at last year’s national examinations to what obtained when the PPP/C spent their last year in office in 2014.

“We are boasting in this region of results that we have never seen before in the education sector. In mathematics, when the PPP left in 2014 the pass rate in this region was below 30 per cent, today the pass rate in Region three is 51.7 per cent; when the PPP left, the English Language pass rate at NGSA was below 30 per cent and today we have it, after four and a half years, at 65.7 per cent; in science it was below 30 per cent, today we have it at 52.2 per cent; in social studies they had it below 30 per cent, today we have it at 48 [per cent] and going. It was only four and a half years, they had 23 [years] and look at the transformation we did in the education sector,” Mahipaul informed.

The improvement was not only at the primary school level, since several secondary schools in the Region also exhibited evidence of their improvement.

“In 2012 West Dem (Secondary) had matriculation rate of 76 per cent, after four and a half years, in 2019, David Granger and his team they have it at 92 per cent. Zeeburg Secondary school, in 2012, the PPP had it at 25 per cent; in 2019, we have it at 93 per cent. All of the secondary schools in this region are enjoying a better matriculation rate, better pass rate and we are following the guidance of President David,” Mahipaul noted.
Mahipaul emphasised that the improvements are the results of deliberate investments and programmes put in place by the APNU+AFC administration to ensure the results are obtained. And more of the same will be delivered when the ANU+AFC returns to government following the March 2 elections, he noted.

“Children are going to school because we understand from the leadership of his Excellency’ that if we are to lift this nation out of poverty, we have to do it with education. We are all going to enjoy the good life, all we have to do is give David some time and when we give him some time Guyana will shine,” he said.

Touching on the area of security and reduced corruption in the region, Mahipaul noted that the “region recorded a 15 per cent decline in serious crime,” even as he pointed out that gone are the days when Ali, who is from the region, would interfere and direct police.
Mahipaul shared an example of the case whereby Ali allegedly had a pandit arrested, after the pandit had one of Ali’s family members removed from his function.

“We have to appreciate that under the Granger-led administration there was no political interference in the operation of the security sector and we are reaping the benefits today. I cannot leave here without reminding you of what Irfaan Ali did in 2012 with political power. A famous pandit in Region Three, he was a staunch supporter of PPP. Pandit called me and told me to tell you, in 2012 when his father passed away he had a religious ceremony and Irfaan Ali’s drunk uncle went to Uitvlugt and invade the people ceremony. The pandit asked him to leave, he refused, and the pandit put him out. The next day there was a Diwali motorcade at Uitvlugt but instead of the pandit going to motorcade, Ali sent a truck of police to arrest the pandit. That is what he did with political power. Do we want to give him presidency?” Mahipaul said.

For that reason, he noted that persons in the Region do not want to see the PPP/C return to power, and Mahipaul encouraged all in attendance to make the right choice on March 2.
“Go to neighbours, family, talk let them know that Guyana is no longer with the red light, we are on green and yellow and moving forward together. Region Three bring them home. It is love unity and togetherness. We are a family under this big benab, and come March 2, 2020 we are voting APNU+AFC,” he said.

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