Guyana Carnival – a massive success
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– I am legend concert deemed the biggest event

Guyana Carnival 2019 came to an end on Monday, after 10 back to back days of events. Seeing the thousands of Guyanese and overseas patrons who came out to support every single event, it is only fitting to conclude that Guyana Carnival 2019 was a striking success.
The Pepperpot Magazine made rounds at these events and interviewed patrons, who all applauded the organising committee and the Directors who came up with the idea to host Carnival in Guyana.

The events kicked off on May 17 on Main Street, with Drew Thoven’s ‘Block Party’. Thousands of people lined the streets, revelling behind the party truck that gave them a taste of what was going to happen on May 26.

Lost traditional elements of Guyana’s culture were also incorporated into the party; the stilt walkers, the fire breathers, percussions section and the masquerade. Those elements were given a modern twist and were part of the main attraction at the event.
May 18 was shared between the Pulse Carnival Jumpstart with Erphaan Alves at the Racquet Centre, and Duck and Drake Promotion Pool Party at Tower poolside. Both events saw large numbers of people, but the pool party stole the show.

The following day, all roads led to HJ Water World for NYC Feteland Cooler Fete. One would have expected the turnout would not have been grand since persons might have been tired from the pool party before, but surprisingly, the beach was packed.
DJ Energy’s ‘Rum and Ramajay’ was no different in attendance, the Racquet Centre was packed to capacity, as the people were entertained by a massive DJ lineup and Farmer Nappy later taking the stage.

Shenseea and Timeka Marshall dominated the stage on May 21 at the UG fete held at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre. The crowd response for these artistes was profound, as their performances were over the top.

The King of Soca Machel Montano never fails to deliver to his Guyanese fan base. The National Stadium was crammed with soca fanatics who came out to witness the soca icon’s performance. Machel delivered a magnificent 40 minutes performance to a screaming crowd. Mr. Killer and local artistes were also given the opportunity to perform that night.
Kes and his band competed neck to neck with Machel, as his show too was well attended and his performance was undoubtedly one of the best. Amidst his performance, he waved the Golden arrowhead and demonstrated much love and appreciation for Guyana and its people.

May 24 was the night of the J’ouvert’s at the National Park. Guyanese are always supportive of this such activity, so it was no question that the venue would have been crowded.

Though all these events attracted thousands, none of them could compare to the turnout at Buju Banton’s ‘I am Legend’ Concert on May 25.
The traffic heading up to the National Stadium that night tested the patience and anxiety level of persons who were in it.
With over 24,000 people ramming the Stadium, Buju Banton put on one of the best shows that Guyana has ever experienced.
Making his entrance with fireworks and confetti, the Gargamel had persons screaming throughout his 30-minute performance.
He used his platform to promote harmony and urged the youths to desist from reverting to violence. He also included young Jamaican artiste ‘Koffee’ in his set.
To this day, persons are still speaking about the Buju Banton concert, and the entire Carnival experience.

All the shows that were hosted, Guyanese artistes were given the opportunity to perform. Artistes such as; Timeka Marshall, Jumo, Big Red, Adrian Dutchin, Mark Batson, Brandon Harding, Kady Kish, Alabama, First Born, just to name a few.

The road parade on Sunday may have been even bigger than the parade held for Guyana’s Mashramani celebration, as it was impossible to maneuver through the crowd.

Persons not only packed the streets to watch the parade, but the bands themselves were packed with revellers. The parade was most definitely bigger than last year.
The stage set up and transformation of the venues for each event were spoken well of by the patrons.

The business community too, spoke well of the idea, for those 10 days, businesses were booming especially for boutiques and taxi services.

The organisers also made mention that every hotel in Georgetown was booked out.
While there were some who had bitter remarks, alluding that Guyana is adopting other cultures instead of revitalising and boosting its own, time and time again, the promoters would have mentioned that Carnival was not brought here as Guyanese culture, but rather, as an avenue for the private sector community to earn.

In fact, the entire country would have benefitted, as the season would have seen a large influx of foreigners in the country, which also provides an avenue for Guyana to be taken back to the overseas market.

The organisers promise that Guyana Carnival 2020 will be even bigger, and better.

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