Flooding in hinterland locations
A section of Mahdia under water on Friday
A section of Mahdia under water on Friday

HEAVY and persistent rainfall has resulted in flooding in several Hinterland locations, including the town of Mahdia in the Potaro-Siparuni Region where more than two dozen households, in low-lying areas, have been affected.

A weather map of the conditions near the coastland as provided by the Hydromet Office

Director General of the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig, said, in a Facebook post on Friday, that the commission is monitoring the flood situation in Madhia. He noted in another post that focus is being placed on Aishalton and Sand Creek in the Upper-Takatu, Upper-Essequibo Region and Mahdia in Potaro-Siparuni (Region 8).
As regards Mahdia, Craig said that based on reports from the municipality, 25 homes have been affected and may be in need of immediate relief. “The CDC is currently in talks with the municipality to identify possible shelters. A damage assessment team will be deployed to the area at 13:00hrs today with relief supplies,” Craig said.

Later in the afternoon, Craig said relief supplies were ‘mobilised’ and sent to Mahdia while a team is on the ground to conduct a damage assessment.

Most of the homes affected are those below Danjou Hill and homes near the airstrip. Residents of those areas are being asked to take precautionary measures.
It was noted, on Friday, that the rains had eased around noon. However, the flood waters had reached high levels and, in some cases, homes close to Danjou Hill were under several feet of water. A resident there told the Guyana Chronicle that his home was flooded and according to him, perishable goods including foodstuff and electrical items and appliances were among his losses.

Civil Defence commission (CDC) staff on the ground at Mahdia providing relief to residents affected by the flooding. (CDC photo)

He said that the rains started around 20:30hrs on Thursday night and continued non-stop throughout the night. “This rain ain’t stop till midday and by then me whole house was under water,” the man said.

Meanwhile, the town was cut-off from vehicle travel late last evening as a section of the public road washed away under flood waters. The area, called ‘Red and White’, was inundated and the regional administration was making efforts to correct the situation.
Elsewhere in the Hinterland, flood waters were rising in sections of the Rupununi including at Sand Creek and Aishalton in the Deep South. Residents of both areas reported that the water was not at an alarming height but they noted that if the rains continued, the situation may become dire.

Staff of the Civil Defence Commission mobilising relief supplies to be sent to Mahdia (CDC photo)

According to the Hydrometeorological Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, heavy showers and possible thunderstorms are expected over Regions One to Four and parts of Regions Seven to Nine. Rainfall is expected to measure between 20 to 45 millimetres over areas where there are heavy showers.


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