Church bus driver found guilty of rape.

THE mixed jury, on Friday afternoon returned a majority verdict convicting Wazir Ali of sexually penetrating a 17-year-old girl, who is mentally challenged.

Presiding Judge Jo Ann Barlow remanded Ali to prison for three weeks until a probation report is made available.

A plea of mitigation will be advanced by defence lawyer Charrandas Persaud, prior to sentencing.

Meanwhile, Wazir Ali, also known as Ali, ‘Bucko’ or ‘Electrician’, was found guilty by a jury vote of 11-one for the offence, which was committed between March 26, and April 7, 2015, in the County of Berbice, during which time he engaged in sexual penetration with a 17-year-old girl without her consent.

The victim had attended church during the Easter period when Ali, a driver attached to the church, was tasked with transporting members to their respective homes after the service.
But, instead to dropping the teen off at her stop, Ali proceeded to take the other occupants to their homes, before stopping minibus PHH 5246 in a desolate area and asking the victim for sex.

She responded by slapping his face, even as he jumped over the front seat to where she was seated behind the driver’s seat, and asked her to perform oral sex, telling her it was like ‘ sucking a large lollipop’.

Thereafter, he pulled off her underwear and engaged in sexual penetration.
However, the victim did not confide in her family members after returning home. It was until days later, during a one-on-one discussion with her teacher and other students, that she revealed what had transpired.

Consequently, the matter was reported to the police and the charge was instituted.
In his defence, Ali claimed he was at Bartica visiting his grandmother, whilst working with an electrician.

But when called to testify, the certified electrician said Ali did not work with him during that period and the witness supported his testimony with his worker time book.
State Prosecutor is Ms. Tuanna Hardy.


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