SOME weeks writing this column is a breeze and sometimes it could be a bit challenging.
This week reminded me of when I was writing my first book. Those of you who have been following me on my recent journey would know LIVING WITH INTENTION was not supposed to be my first book.

I am in Clermont (referred to as the home of champions because many Olympians train here) where I was last year when I was trying to overcome writer’s block. What is creepy is I was experiencing the same emotions as I was preparing for my event in Orlando. Orlando event brings my US Tour to a climax. The difference is that this time the editor was waiting on this piece of writing for the Sunday Pepperpot. I sent her a message that I was working on the article and I went to have breakfast at the lake with my friend, Phillipa. Water calms me everywhere I go. I looked across the lake and the scenery reminded me of the view while approaching my hometown Bartica by boat. I said to Phil I have a responsibility to the commitment I made to write a column every week. Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are but we are responsible for who we become. Too often we don’t win because we beat ourselves up. I recalled listening to one of the lessons from my favourite mentor, Dr. John Maxwell. Winning is an inside job and to win from the inside out there are a few things we need to possess and RESPONSIBILITY is one. It is easier to blame others for all the things that go wrong in our lives because it gets us off the hook.

Listen and learn from other successful people. Some of the things we look for while doing that are commitment, integrity, excellence, time management, attitude, relationships, solid family values, energy and peace. Confucius said, “Love what you do and keep doing it.” He also said, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Find something you like so much that you gladly do it for nothing, then, learn to do it so well people are happy to pay you for it.

Learn from your mistakes. Try then, stop to think and try again. I do believe in trying even if I fail, rather than fail to try. I will share a personal story with you. A few years ago I started a magazine called Makin’ Style with some friends and colleagues. We were all excited about the project which overshadowed some of the things that were necessary for the success of that publication. Great content but it took more. There were many things we overlooked after the second issue. The challenges were obviously overwhelming and the financial challenge was number one.

We still have some of the magazines at F&H Printing to collect when we pay the outstanding balance. Did that make us failures because this project did not succeed? Not at all! We have to fail forward and use it as fertiliser. Failure is a price we pay to achieve success.

We had to access where we went wrong and implement the process for the next level. We made a commitment to pay off the balance and produce an online magazine in the future. Maxwell always says: THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AVERAGE PEOPLE AND ACHIEVING PEOPLE IS THEIR PERCEPTION OF AND RESPONSE TO FAILURE.

Don’t try to be perfect. If you are looking for perfection we will be disappointed because it is not attainable. Someone once said, “Nothing will get done if we waited until we can do something so well that no one can find fault.” Perfection keeps us from getting started, distracts us from our purpose and reduces our creative energies.
Change now before you must. Change equals either growth if we do it readily or grieve if we do it reluctantly. We have to intentionally want to grow and understand that change happens with or without us.

At some point, we have to take control of our lives. If we manage our time it is easier to manage our lives. We all have 24 hours and we need not wish more but concentrate on using it wisely. Plan, prioritise and raise our standards – these habits are vital to a winning attitude.

Things that matter most never be at the mercy of things that matters less.
Send us your experience who you manage to wine from the inside out to as we continue to celebrate this journey call life BEYOND THE RUNWAY.


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