Andrews tops Enterprise Primary

By Anthony Layne

EOMA Andrews emerged the top candidate for Enterprise Primary at the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) with 487 marks. Second was Joshua Caesar (483), followed by Ashaira Conway (478).

Eoma has been awarded North Ruimveldt Multilateral, Joshua, North Ruimveldt Secondary and Ashaira, Christ Church Secondary.

Speaking with the Guyana Chronicle about her path to the NGSA, Eoma attributed her success to her sacrificing much of her leisure time, to the dedication of her teacher — and to extra lessons; and last, but certainly not least, to the support she received at home; in particular, she recalled her mother taking on the household chores that she (Eoma) would usually perform, thereby giving her invaluable time to study. As far as her future is concerned, Eoma has her sights set on becoming a paediatrician, because of her love for children.

Third-placed Ashaira credited her success to extra lessons and to her teacher Ms Allison Blenman, whom she said worked hard with her and other students. Ms Blenman’s efforts, she said, were complemented by those of her mother and older sisters, who helped her tremendously with homework. Ashaira intends to pursue a career in medicine.

Meanwhile, Graduate Headmistress Valerie David, delivering her report at the school’s recent graduation ceremony, revealed that as compared to the last academic year, there were improvements in all subject areas and in overall passes. In Maths, 40 per cent of pupils passed with 50 per cent and over; in English,66 per cent passed with 50 per cent and above; in Social Studies, 55 per cent were successful with 50 per cent and over; in Science, 56 per cent passed with 50 per cent and over. Ms David heaped praise on her teachers, particularly those of Grade Six ,whom she said “carried them [pupils] over the last hurdle,and made tremendous sacrifices.”

Referencing the major challenges the school faced during the year, the headmistress mentioned the aggressive behaviour of pupils towards each other, indecent language and failure to complete assignments. Additionally, she lamented the poor example set by some parents who encourage their children to retaliate when attacked by their peers and the abusive behaviour of some parents towards teachers.

Ms David, who was presiding over her last graduation ceremony before proceeding on retirement later this year, delivered a strong message to parents : “ … It is your responsibility to ensure that they are loved,cared for and assisted in every way to reach their full potential. Your duty is to ensure that this is done at all costs, so be there for them in every way that you can; guide them and protect them, show them love and understanding, attend their PTA meetings; be involved in every aspect of their school life and ensure that they complete their education. Please remember that every child has a special talent, identify it and channel their energies towards it .”

Delivering the charge to the graduates was Ms Goldie Scott, chief executive officer of Volunteer Youth Corps. Ms Scott charged them to stay focused on their goals and to work hard.Additionally,she assured them that once they have the support of their parents, peers and significant others, there would be no limit to what they could achieve. Echoing Ms. David’s message to parents, she exhorted them to commit to working with their children, because there is a limit to what teachers can do. Additionally, she urged them to spend time with their children, so that they may be able to spot their potential. Finally, she encouraged them to allow their children to be involved in programmes such as robotics and leadership, in order to enable them to realise their potential.


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