Professionalism, pride, ethical standards integral to competency – Minister Cummings
Dr. Karen Cummings during her address
Dr. Karen Cummings during her address

PROFESSIONALISM, pride, ethical standards and compassion should always remain the driving force propelling medical practitioners to competency, regardless of their specialised field.

This perspective was shared by Minister within the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) Dr. Karen Cummings on Thursday, during her inaugural address at the first International Medical Conference for Medical Students, hosted by Texila American University (TAU), Providence, East Bank Demerara.

The two-day conference is being hosted under the theme: “Enriching the Caribbean Medical Education through Research”
Minister Cummings said that medical professionals should “strive at all times to convert the science and the art of being an exemplary medical professional into a life-changing legacy for generations to come.”

She explained that during the two days, world-renowned medical professionals who are passionate trainers will be exploring the many developments in the world of medicine.
Adding that participants should ask many challenging questions and seek various ways to grasp the information being presented, Minister Cummings said the conference will provide a platform for the development of the medical field.

“It will also promote interactions amongst health care students from different countries as they exchange research, knowledge, experiences. (It is) an excellent initiative by TAU,” she said.

Further, the Minister said that the conference will promote innovative thinking by exposing medical students to cutting edge research topics in the broader fields.
Noting that modern medicine has done much in the field of infectious diseases, Minister Cummings said pharmacology is directed to such control. However, clinicians and researchers must turn decisively towards prevention and cure.

“Also longevity with wellbeing is also modern medicine’s other big challenge, as we explore the realms of healthy ageing, studies of longevity and lifestyle changes and healthy centenarians deserve special scrutiny to find what aids longevity accompanied by wellbeing,” Minister Cummings said.

She asserted that it is only through research that academic knowledge is tested and further refined.

A section of the gathering at the opening session of the first International Medical Conference for Medical Students hosted by TAU

The minister said that TAU has the ability to establish and maintain excellence by building a culture of educational scholarship in Guyana.
Dr Anand Arulsamy, the Vice Chancellor of TAU, said the development of strong research skill and the provision of medical care are inextricably linked and that is why research is stressed during the four years of TAU medical education programme.

The Vice Chancellor said research makes students better scientists, which is a core part of being a physician. It also better prepares them to lead during residency and in practice.
“This conference will provide each and every participant an opportunity to showcase their ideas and research capabilities to a greater audience,” he said.

Chithra Lakshmi, Executive Vice President TAU in her read remarks said the facility of the university has been designed to provide students with a friendly environment that promotes participation.

“This will be a good platform to explore the most out of your doctor’s journey, interacting with international students too, thereby unveiling the best part of your medical journey,” she stated.

Saju Bhaskar, Founder and President of TAU in a read message stated that the mission of the university is to revolutionise international education by offering updated, modern, and excellent training in areas of health science.

The Texila American University group manages diverse educational ventures with a single-point objective, which is to fulfil the aspirations of the global student community and working professionals by adopting a global benchmark of excellence.


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