Councillor accused of peddling untruths about City Mayor

PPP councillor Khame Sharma

PEOPLE’S Progressive Party (PPP) councillor Khame Sharma has been accused by Georgetown Mayor Patricia Chase-Green of peddling untruths about her in the press.
At a recent meeting of the City Council, Chase-Green asked Sharma to desist from writing lies about her in the media, through his letters to the editor.

Chase-Green said she has no problem if Sharma wants to take his concerns to the press but that he should go with the truth.

Although Sharma has been accused of peddling only negative talk during City Council meetings, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Councillor Welton Clarke had called for Sharma to be respected. “Sharma should be respected although we may not be from the same claw (political party),” Clarke offered at a previous meeting.

He had made the observation after Sharma was heckled by other City councillors for asking a certain question, which was later answered by Deputy Town Clerk, Sharon Harry, when another councillor, Alfred Mentore, asked the very question.

Clarke noted that Sharma was being heckled whenever he stood up to speak and that an established decorum or standard should be applied to all councillors irrespective of their political affiliation.

Councillor Lionel Jaikarran recalled that Clarke had brought the matter of Sharma’s treatment up in the past, but opined that there was no animosity behind councillors’ heckling.

Sharma’s fellow PPP councillor Bishram Kuppen said he too had observed how the councillor was treated each time he got up to speak. He said Sharma should be afforded a proper opportunity to speak instead of councillors always trying to shut him up.

Another councillor Noelle Chow-Chee offered that councillors ought to show respect before they could be afforded the same. “Sharma always comes here to bad talk. He can’t be allowed,” she said.