Bandits remanded for arms and ammunition possession
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The six suspected bandits
The six suspected bandits

one confess to series of charges

Six men, who were nabbed at a police roadblock at the Grove Public Road, East Bank Demerara (EBD) in a stolen motor car with arms and ammunition last Tuesday night , were today charged with a series of criminal offences.

The men, Steve Hercules, 30, of Sisters Village, West Bank Demerara; Nabidigi Gobin,33 of Charlotte Street, Bourda; Reynard Khan,31, of Cooper Street, Albouystown; Mark Prince, 39, of Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara; Edward Skeete, 30 of Independence Boulevard; and Marvin Blackman, 27, of South Ruimveldt all appeared before Magistrates Sunil Scarce at the Providence Magistrates’ Court.

Three of the men being escorted by police on Tuesday.

According to reports, last Tuesday the men attempted to rob the residence of a Chinese national at Supply, EBD. However, the man’s son who was at home at the time heard a suspicious sound coming from outside and made checks.

The men attempted to break into the property and when an alarm was sounded, the men ran from the area. They were subsequently stopped at the roadblock.

On Tuesday morning , the six men , who all hid their faces while at the court under heavy police presence , were jointly charged with having two 9 MM Glock pistols along with 22 live rounds, one Beretta pistol with 11 live rounds, a .32 Taurus pistol with six live rounds in their possession on April 10 at the Grove Public Road without being holders of firearm licences. Hercules confessed to the charges while the other defendants denied the allegations.

A joint charge was read against Prince, Khan, Gobin, Skeete and Blackman for conspiring with Hercules to change the license plate of motor car PVV 6204 to HC 4543. They denied the charge.

Hercules was charged separately for using a fake number plate of HC 4543 on registered motor vehicle PVV 6204. He also confessed to the charge.
Prince, Khan, Gobin, Skeete and Blackman were remanded to prison until April 20. However , Hercules sentencing was deferred until later on Tuesday.

When the men were stopped last week Tuesday night by the police,the items were found on the floor of the car and upon examination, the police observed that the registration number PVV 6204 was engraved on the windscreen and lights of the car.

The motor car was reportedly hijacked on March 25, 2018, at Princes Street in the city while its owner was working it as a taxi.

The six men are no strangers to investigators, since they had been charged with offences similar in nature and two of the men were recently freed of murder by the High Court.

Skeete, called ‘Pretty Boy’ and Nabadinghi Gobin, called ‘Dangles’, were freed last February at the High Court for the murder of Mocha, EBD resident Ryan Clementson, who died at the GPHC after being attacked in the vicinity of the Turning Point in Tucville, Georgetown, on July 14, 2015.

Blackman’s rap sheet for charges at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court dates back to 2009. He is currently before the court for the $1.5M armed robbery committed on the Wild Caught Fresh Fish Depot at Meadowbank in 2016.

In August 2017, he was charged for possession of a Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol and eight live rounds of 9mm ammunition. He was also charged with a series of armed robberies committed around Georgetown. Additionally, in 2011, he was charged with the $5.4M heist from the office of the Region 10 (Upper Demerara/Upper Berbice) Regional Democratic Council (RDC).

Prince called ‘Fine Man’ and Khan were jointly charged earlier this year for robbing a 66-year-old pastor of $1.8M as he left a city bank.

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