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MY internal GPS told me that I am headed in the right direction and I am so appreciative of all the awesome things happening in my life and the people God has positioned in my path. My first official book launch will always be significant to me, that is why February 2 is a day I will never forget.

Approximately 11:20hrs I presented Ms. Emily King, Chief Librarian for the National Library of Guyana with the copy of my first book LIVING WITH INTENTION. Ms. King ordered 15 copies to place a copy in each National Library across Guyana. I was walking to the beautiful staircase and was thinking: “My book will be in all the National Library Across Guyana”.

It was not just the book but the LIVING WITH INTENTION Motivational Tour was also launched which added more significance to this prestigious event. The tour will take me throughout Guyana, the Caribbean and parts of the USA, God’s willing. My hometown Bartica will be the first leg and I am looking forward to going to my old school, St John the Baptist and Bartica Secondary School.

I can honestly say my faith is growing more because of the chances I am taking. This was planned hoping the books will get here before the event and I received them. Thanks to Richard Young, Shiv Dindyal, Apostle Claude Brooks, Meleesa Payne, Corin Gibson, Mr Mohammed, Clemencio Goddete, Sean Duncan, Desiree De Florimonte, Keron Noble, Mike Myers, Blinds R us, Kathy Kidd and Kidd Marketing for your contribution to my first book.
The launch was supported by Integrated Security Services, Diane Inniss, Party Castle & Supplies, Eclipse Digital Photo, Larry London, Danielle John, Alana DeSouza, Emily King, Diane Inniss, Integrated Security Services, Jada Consultancy, Les Romalho, Oasis Cafe, Donette Gibson, Eugene Gilbert, Rebekah Abdul, Bibi Hanifa Shaw, Jeanann Harry.
Pertamber Persaud, Ayana Mc CAlman, John Gibbons, Merrano Isaacs and veteran Media personality Ron Robinson, made me emotional while they were reading the excerpts from my book.

These are the sentences from the excerpts in order of names mentioned above

Chapter Nine: “Faith”. All of the personal development books that I owned, I lent to persons. I called it the relay method of passing the books on.

Chapter Four: “Bold”. The word bold is synonymous with my name and I can be convincing when I move into action mode especially when it involves doing things for others.

Chapter One: “Grow ”. Determination, faith, focus, self-discipline and consistency can really make anything a reality. Motivation gets us going but discipline keeps us growing

Chapter Eleven: “Conviction”. We have to master our mindset of positive outcomes and prepare the mood instead of repairing, after the fact.

Chapter Seven: “Inspire”. Creating precious memories and maintaining lasting relationships are priceless episodes of life’s blessings. So it is our obligation to constantly inspire.

My friend Russel Lancaster and his eloquent voice as MC added a sophisticated touch to the evening.

The reviews were awesome and this is one from the Hon. Minister Keith Scott
“Sonia’s infectious passion to help others has made many realise their potential; her creative talent has permanently etched our Guyanese culture in fashion beyond our Caribbean shores to the fashion capitols of the world. Her book “Living with Intention” is an inspiring journey that will make the reader soar like an eagle and realise that all things are possible.”
I interacted with the audience sharing personal stories which connected with them.
Mr Seepersaud Maraj said “I have also admired the work you do but listening to you today I am inspired and I know thousands are too.”
I will continue with the guidance of God to continue to add value to people and contribute to humanity.
I will share an excerpt from the last chapter below “Priceless”:
They are many verses in the Bible that mentioned growth and even Jesus grew. One such is, “and Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man”- Luke 2:52. Someone once said you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.
I have found a way of feeling comfortable while being uncomfortable and being able to stand firm on my shaky legs and you can too.
I dare you to dig deeper and believe you are an original. I dare you to implement or accelerate that growth plan. I dare you to raise your standards.

LIVING WITH INTENTION is available at Makin’ Style Boutique at the Courtyard Mall and New Era Book Store at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

Send us a message to beyond the and check our FB page beyond the runway as we continue this beautiful journey call life BEYOND THE RUNWAY.

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