Bourda double murder goes to High Court
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Three Albouystown residents were on Friday committed to stand trial at the High Court for the murders of the two elderly women, who were killed during an invasion at their South Road and Albert Street home in October last.

The alleged mastermind, 23-year-old Christopher Khan, called Imran Khan, and his two accomplices, Steven Jason Andrews, 26 and Phillip Suffrien, 23, are jointly charged for the double murder.

The preliminary inquiry (PI) into their murders ended before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman, after almost a month of hearings into the mater. Magistrate Latchman ruled that based upon the evidence provided by the Police Prosecutor Shawn Gonsalves, a prima facie case was established.

“I didn’t kill nobody. Is Jason strangle these people. I know is something wrong that I did but I’m asking you to be merciful with me” Khan told the court. He then added: “Phillip is innocent he doesn’t know anything about this.”

Meanwhile, Andrews debunked Khan’s claims as he said: “I never planned anything, neither spoke to anyone about this matter.”
Suffrien called his father, Richard Suffrien, whose evidence was discredited.

The two elderly women, Constance Fraser, 89 and Phyllis Caesar,77, were found lying face down in separate bedrooms at their Bourda home on October 3, 2017 with their hands and feet bound and mouths gagged. According to a relative, the house was ransacked and quite a few items appeared to have been missing.

Reports from the police have revealed that a door to the upper half of the two-flat building was breached.
Relatives said it was the third time the women had been robbed, with one recalling that during the last incident, the intruders had made off with cellular phones and money. It was also the second time the elderly women had been robbed after receiving their monthly pensions.

Government Pathologist, Dr. Nehaul Singh gave the cause of death of both women as asphyxiation due to suffocation and manual strangulation, compounded by trauma to the head.

Khan was arrested a few days after the murder by police on the Essequibo Coast, while the two other co-accused were apprehended less than two days after the murder.

The men reportedly told investigators that Khan was the mastermind behind the crime. They allegedly confessed that after stealing the items and money, they escaped on foot, taking the booty to Khan’s girlfriend’s home in Albouystown.

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