Lone gunman targets Lamaha Park shop
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Ingrid’s Grocery, where the hold-up occurred early Tuesday morning (Photo by Michel Outridge)
Ingrid’s Grocery, where the hold-up occurred early Tuesday morning (Photo by Michel Outridge)

–relieves delivery boys of ‘petty-cash,’ valuables

TWO unsuspecting Guyana Beverages Inc. employees were robbed by a lone gunman on Tuesday morning at Ingrid’s Grocery at Lot 338 Lamaha Park, Georgetown.

The incident reportedly occurred at around 09:40hrs, and according to the owner of the small shop, Ingrid Kennedy, the beverage people had just arrived to take her orders and were about to go get the stock when the man pulled out a gun and relieved them of whatever little ‘petty-cash’ they had on them, as well as their wallets and cellphones.

According to one of many eyewitnesses, the bandit had the gun hidden under his shirt.

On seeing that, the shop owner began shouting, “Thief! Thief!” But by that time, the gunman had already got what he was after and made good his escape on a CG motorcycle which was being ridden by an accomplice.

Ms Kennedy said that from the time she laid eyes on the strange young man, she somehow knew he was up to no good.

And her hunch proved right when he whipped out the gun; but the poor delivery boys were too traumatised to put up a fight and just handed over the goodies.

The Guyana Beverages Inc. yesterday confirmed that two of their employees called in to report that they had been robbed, but was unsure of the amount, since they had not returned to the office and were said to be with the police.

In response to calls for help from Lamaha Park residents, Head of the Forensic Laboratory, Superintendent Philip Azore himself turned up on the scene, while ranks were dispatched to hunt down the two criminals, who were observed riding round and round following the robbery as if they were not yet satisfied with the day’s “pickings” and were in search of more easy prey.
And, as luck would have it, within hours the police were reporting that one of the two suspects had been arrested and is assisting with the investigation.

They’ve also reported impounding two CG motorcycles, one of which was allegedly involved in the hold-up.

The two victims were able to positively identify the motorcycle as the one that was used in perpetrating the robbery that morning.

Frustrated residents gathered at the shop following the incident told the Guyana Chronicle that they cannot sleep at nights for fear of being robbed.

Just recently, the home of Ministry of the Presidency’s photographer, Ms Sandra Prince, was broken into, and important documents among other valuables were carted off.

Residents say the area has seen a series of break-ins lately, mostly at nights, by what appears to be a well–organised gang of criminals. Many are afraid to be on the streets after dark, as almost every night there’s a hold-up.

Superintendent Azore told the Guyana Chronicle that following a community meeting with Lamaha Park residents two Sundays ago, the police have been doing some work in the area, including regular mobile patrols.

He told residents on Tuesday that based on information garnered, the bandits who operate in the area are being harboured by a few bad eggs in the community, and urged them to remain vigilant and report all incidents of criminal activities, since the police can only do so much.

He is expected to hold another community meeting with residents shortly.

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