Minister Cummings goes back to her ‘alma’

–leads charge at Victoria Primary’s graduation exercise

MINISTER within the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Karen Cummings, on Friday urged Victoria Primary School pupils to remain focused on their education as they enter another phase in their young lives.
The occasion was the school’s graduation ceremony, where Minister Cummings, while delivering the feature address, told the children to utilise the knowledge instilled in them by their teachers as they progress to secondary school life.
Proud at being asked to share the moment with them, seeing that the school was her ‘alma’ too, Minister Cummings said:

“I urge all of you to cherish and remember your time here at Victoria Primary School, and honour those memories by working with determination and commitment to be the best students you can be as you move forward in your life.”
To the equally proud parents and guardians present at the ceremony, she encouraged them to savour the moment, as graduations are not only a time for celebration, but also for reflecting on the journey that brought their charges to where they’re at.
To the children, she urged that they carefully choose they role models, and stay away from those persons who might be a negative influence on their lives.

“The future beckons! The world is out there to be discovered! However, while there are good things in this world, there are also bad things, which, if not avoided, can easily lead down the path of destruction,” Minister Cummings impressed upon the eager young faces before her.
“Beware the people around you! Choose your friends wisely, and ensure that, together, you can collectively serve to positively influence each other,” she added.
Valedictorian, Sheldonna Thorne, called on her fellow classmates to stay in touch, and remain committed to helping each other achieve their goals.


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