AFC alarmed by reports of alleged plot against President Granger

-urges law-enforcement agencies to act swiftly

THE Alliance For Change (AFC) has learnt, with alarm, details of an alleged plot to assassinate Head of State and Commander-In- Chief, President David Granger.
The AFC condemns this dastardly and diabolical plot and urges our law-enforcement agencies to bring these criminal plotters and their handlers to swift justice. The AFC notes that since the assumption of office by the coalition Government, there has been a well-orchestrated campaign of character assassination of leaders of Government and naked threats have emanated in social media posts. It also recalls that the police were called in to probe allegations of the private residence of the Prime Minister being staked out by a known criminal element.
Our party cautions that race-baiting and inflammatory utterances by persons opposed to the coalition Government have formed a bizarre backdrop for opportunistic elements to execute acts of criminality and terror. The party urges all Guyanese to be on the alert and to stand firm against and renounce criminal acts that could destabilize our democracy and threaten the stability of our state.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, at a post-Cabinet briefing on Thursday morning at the Ministry of the Presidency, disclosed that the administration has been provided with some information by the police about an ongoing investigation of this nature. The investigation has reached a point where advice of the police legal advisor is also being sought, Harmon said.
Harmon made the disclosure when asked about the alleged plot by a reporter. “While we have a popular President that all the people around the country love and embrace him, there are sometimes misguided people, especially of what they see on facebook and copycat type of issues and therefore we always have to be careful,” Harmon said.
He explained that since the investigation is ongoing he is not at liberty to disclose in any great detail the nature of the inquiry. “I have the full confidence of the ability of the security forces to protect our President and the ministers of Government, who have been elected by the people to run the Government,” Harmon noted. When asked if names of high-ranking policemen were listed as being involved, Harmon said he was not briefed about such information.

$7M bounty
Meanwhile, in an interview on Nightly News, a man who was approached to carry out the act spoke of a $7M bounty that was offered him to shoot at President Granger during one of his outreaches. The $7M it was said was offered by a prominent individual. The whistleblower in the interview stated that the businessman told him “… President Granger, we have to have him assassinated before he moves from where he is living, before of course if he moves his security will enhance and you can’t get to him.”
The informant explained that the businessman entered his house and brought out a large weapon which he collected and minutes later returned. He explained he had approached the businessman to conduct a business worth $6M when the proposal was made to find someone to assassinate the President and he will be paid $7M. “The next day I go back to he and said watch, me ain’t deh in them thing yo know, me aint event want you tell me back about that,” the informant said, claiming that he never killed anyone before and is just a businessman.


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