Education Ministry hoping for better NGSA results
Minister Henry addressing students of a regional primary school
Minister Henry addressing students of a regional primary school

WITHIN another few days, some 10,000 students nationwide will be sitting the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examinations, and the Ministry of Education is hoping that the pass rates soar, particularly in the area of mathematics.
To this end, the Ministry of Education is continuing to engage in major public interactions with parents, teachers and other stakeholders to ensure this much- needed improvement is realised within the school system.

Minister within the Ministry of Education, Nicolette Henry, on Tuesday, along with Chief Education Officer (CEO) Marcel Hudson, Assistant Chief Education Officer (ACEO, Primary), Owen Pollard and Regional Educational Development Officer (REDO) Rabindra Singh conducted the third set of interactions in Region Eight, targeting the Monkey Mountain, Paramakatoi and Kato settlements.

Those engaged were brought up to speed with regards to Government’s Emergency Mathematics Intervention Programme to address poor performance at the NGSA.
While the issues were many, the message was to motivate parents and teachers to actively engage their children moving forward with a view to improving their performances.
After listening to the many issues affecting the effective and efficient delivery of education, Minister Henry told those gathered that based on the assessment of students’ performance over the past 10 years, the time had come for them to turn things around.
“Schools in your region have been performing way below commendable grades and such cannot be allowed to continue,” the minister said.

She urged and encouraged parents and teachers to begin to play a more active role in moving the region from the lowest performance level to more acceptable and commendable levels.
Making the intent of the initiative clear, she declared: “This nationwide intervention is to create a movement for improved results to make a positive difference in the society through education.”
The minister further encouraged parents and teachers to work together to raise the bar by supporting and offering some extra time to help the children improve in their performance at mathematics.

The ongoing intervention, the minister said, goes beyond differences and political interest.
“It’s for us to have more qualified persons who comprehend that as future leaders it is integral for our human resource and nation’s development,” she stressed.
Making the message clear, Minister Henry exhorted the parents and community leaders: “All must get involved, and we are encouraging you to come onboard or we will, as a nation, be consumed.”

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