South-South cooperation hailed –at India’s 68th Republic anniversary
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Prime Minister
Prime Minister

AS India observed its 68th Republic Anniversary on Thursday, the growing South-South relations between the two countries were given the spotlight. Held by the Indian High Commission at the Pegasus Hotel, the observance was graced by the presence of many high-ranking dignitaries including acting President Moses Nagamootoo, Ministers of Government, Members of Parliament, ambassadors and other officials.
And fitting was the occasion for the acting President to laud the South-South relations that Guyana and India have been sharing for the past 50 years.
According to Mr Nagamootoo, this relationship is based on the principles of mutual respect, cultural/historic ties and non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states.
He said this special and mutually beneficial friendship has been characterised over the years by frequent, reciprocal high-level visits, which date back to a time when Guyana was a newly independent state.
The acting President noted that over the years, bilateral relations have remained strong and Guyana’s leaders have also been received and welcomed in India, on many occasions.
He referenced trips made in November of last year, when he travelled to India, twice, to attend the third World Tamils Economic Conference, in Chennai and the World Conference of Chief Justices in Lucknow, where he shared time with India’s Government officials as well as potential investors.
“On both occasions, I reaffirmed the Government of Guyana’s commitment to working together with the Republic of India for the common good of both of our countries. Moreover, at the United Nations General Assembly, our foreign ministers met in the spirit of strengthening our relationship, both at the multilateral and bilateral levels,” the acting President said.
He also took time to congratulate India on what he described as “leading transformation” over the last 68 years.
“… as India celebrates its Republic Day, your Government and the people of India should be immensely proud at the leading transformation that India has experienced over the past 68 years,” he said.
Mr Nagamootoo also pointed out that the seven per cent economic growth trajectory India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has envisaged and pursued is ample testimony to the fact that the country is on the right path of development.
“It is indisputable that India enjoys the reputation of being one of the fastest growing economies in today’s world,” he added.
Sharing similar views were High Commissioner of India to Guyana, Venkatachalam Mahalingam, who spoke of the commonalities the two countries share.
He pointed to the fact that both countries had the same colonial master – Britain – and share similar multi-cultural characteristics.
Congratulating Guyana on its progress over the last 50 years, the High Commissioner acknowledged too that India and Guyana have always enjoyed friendly relations and the two countries bear testimony to the growing South-South relations.
He said India remains committed to partnering with Guyana, as it has done in the past, and will continue to lend support whenever the need arises.
Like the acting President, he too referenced the trip made to India by the former, noting that bilateral relations remain strong between the two countries.
Following both speeches, toasts were made to the success and prosperity to the Republic of India and her citizens. A dance by a woman and a child dressed in traditional Indian wear was the lone cultural item featured on the relatively short programme.
Dinner brought the curtains down on the evening’s proceedings.

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