Vendors under Stabroek Market canopy to be removed
Chief Constable Andrew Foo (second from left) with the rifle next to him during the press briefing on Thursday
Chief Constable Andrew Foo (second from left) with the rifle next to him during the press briefing on Thursday

–area a haven for criminal activities

VENDORS under the Stabroek Market canopy are likely to be removed after a rifle was found in a bag belonging to a man who bolted from the City Police on Wednesday night.This was disclosed on Thursday morning by Chief Constable Andrew Foo, during a press conference at the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) in Georgetown.
Town Clerk Royston King is expected to meet with vendors outside the Stabroek Market to discuss the proposed removal.
The Chief Constable explained that after innumerable complaints of illegal activities, narco-trafficking, and the site being a haven for criminals, a plan was made to address the issue and many sting operations will be implemented with the intention of apprehending all involved in criminal and other nefarious activities.
“Two persons were seen and when challenged by the ranks, one of them dropped a bag and ran away causing the ranks to give chase. A subsequent check was done and the rifle was found in the bag. The firearm will be handed over to the Guyana Police Force where verification and checks will be done on the rifle,” the Foo explained.
He said recently an exercise was carried out by the City Police and a quantity of marijuana was confiscated, along with items used by criminals for the purpose of breaking and entering.
Superintendent Gordon Langevine said that on Thursday night, law-enforcement officers carried out a sting operation at the Stabroek Market area and at the time, a young man of East Indian ancestry who was wearing a hood was sitting on a stall.
As the young man was confronted, he dropped a bag and ran away. When the bag was searched, a rifle was found.
“Persons are using the Stabroek Market as a safe haven to sell illicit drugs and even firearms. We also received reports of people using firearms to rob persons,” the superintendent said.
He explained that a comprehensive plan is being made for the Christmas season and many exercises will be carried out at the Stabroek and Bourda Markets.
“It’s time we rid the markets of these elements, because they use the market by night to carry out their criminal activities,” Langevine said, noting that “the Constabulary is now well equipped and prepared to deal with the situation.”


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