JFF says Coach Brown impasse down to misunderstanding
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THE Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) has moved to clarify its position on their contract offer to former Reggae Boyz head coach Carl Brown, who reportedly declined the JFF’s offer to take over from Winfried Schaefer.The JFF said there was a misunderstanding between the federation and the 66-year-old coach.
Brown, who coached the national team from 1990-1994 and again from 2001-2004, declined the offer claiming the JFF had offered him US$100 a day to take over from the German head coach, who was reportedly being paid a salary of US$50 000 a month.
Brown described the offer as ‘insulting and disrespectful’.
“I am very disappointed with the whole approach of the JFF,” Brown told the Jamaica Gleaner.
“Captain (Horace Burrell) called me on the subject and I told him I would get back to him on the matter as I had to have a conversation with the people with whom I work. Following that discussion, I called him back three times and got no answer. Not only that, but I did not receive a return (call).”
Brown said he received an email a day later with the ‘insulting offer’.
“The letter, which said it was following up on my discussion with Captain Burrell, only offered me US$100 per day for the duration of the agreement. There was nothing about how I would get to Jamaica, nothing about accommodation. Nothing.”
However, in response, the JFF suggested it was a misunderstanding.
“President of the JFF, Captain Burrell, did make initial contact with Brown, first of all to get an indication of his availability.
Brown indicated the need to discuss with his present employers and return a call to the president. Although Brown has indicated he made three attempts to call the president, there is no record of those calls coming through,” the JFF said in a statement.
“In the interim, the JFF thought it appropriate to formalise its approach to Brown and did so in an email sent by the General Secretary. Brown responded to the email declining the JFF’s offer, which he found insulting.
On hearing this, the president called Brown. In a conversation lasting forty-five minutes, the president apologised for the misunderstanding emerging from the email. He explained that in the absence of the discussion, on first his availability and his overall package, the email listed one area of certainty, the per-diem allowance. The president made every effort to have Brown change his decision.”
The JFF said it was always the intention of the president that on hearing of Brown’s availability, the terms of his engagement would have been discussed and finalised with him.
It said all head coaches of our National Senior team are offered accommodation during match engagement, ground transportation, a salary as well as a per diem allowance.
“All these areas would have been the subject of discussion with Brown,” the JFF said. (Sportsmax.com)


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