Let’s Aim for Litter Free Sports
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September and October is that time of the year, when schools run off their sports events. As school and sports grounds transform into arenas of high energy and competition, it is important that we all strive to keep these spaces free of litter. The onus on keeping our sports venues free of litter lies on all of us. As such, all involved should make a point of putting measures in place to let spectators and athletes alike do the litter free thing. So whether you are the sports event coordinator, venue manager, spectator, athlete, vendor or sponsor – do your part! epa1
Plan for Litter Free Sports
We need to plan for litter free sports! All sports people – organizers, managers, athletes, vendors and spectators have a great opportunity to be involved and to lead the race in the fight against littering. What’s more, joining this litter free race will bring big rewards of a clean environment and keep more money in your pockets!
As you develop a plan to reduce waste and littering at your sports events you should take care to:
1. Share your plan with key stakeholders e.g. organizers; vendors; patrons; athletes grounds men etc.
2. Provide the necessary infrastructure for the plan to work e.g. Bins; signs.
3. Market your plan – let people know what you plan to do.
4. Evaluate your plan i.e. have you covered all the important steps to make it work?

Get support for your plan
A plan is only as good as the support it gets. So make sure that your cover your bases and lobby the support of key people:
• Event Organizer (s): This person/company needs to a plan for how the waste will be managed on the ground.
• Venue owner: This person needs to know in advance what services the venue will need to provide.
• Vendors: These persons will need to know that they must use biodegradable packaging for food. They also need to know that must provide bins for some patrons to dispose used packaging and bottles.
• Contractors: These persons who will be provide services, such as electricity, building and dismantling of structures etc. should be aware of their responsibilities to minimize waste.
• Waste Collecting Service: They need to be informed of prompt and adequate scope for collecting and removal of waste after the event.epa2
Enjoy litter free sports!
Now that you have planned for and involved the right people to support your Litter Free Sports Plan, you can go ahead and enjoy the sports! Invite the media to you sports event and promote your efforts to make it litter free. Do remember to mention all the people who made your plan work and encourage others to follow your lead.
After the sports event, assess your litter free plan, keep the things that worked and think of how you can improve on those that did not work. Then use opportunities during the school year to remind students and teachers of its importance, so that when the next sports events season comes around you will have even more supporters for litter free sports!
[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” ]Do the right thing, report litterbugs on 600-0620 (anytime) or 225-5467 ext. 275 (08:00h-16:30h). A message from the Environmental Protection Agency[/box]
“The Environment is everybody business”

You can share your ideas and questions by sending letters to: “Our Earth, Our Environment”, C/O EIT Division, Environmental Protection Agency, Ganges Street, Sophia, GEORGETOWN; or email us at eit.epaguyana@gmail.com.

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