Councillor approaches Town Clerk’s daughter -for details on his recent trip to Panama and Mexico
Town Clerk Royston King
Town Clerk Royston King

GEORGETOWN Mayor Patricia Chase-Green and Town Clerk Royston King have sternly condemned the “depths” to which some councillors are going as they seek to investigate financial and other improprieties at the City Council.A case in particular, to which both of them referred on Monday, has to do with an unnamed councillor approaching King’s daughter to find out if she had gone on the recent controversial trip to Mexico and Panama, and if any other of King’s relatives had been included.

“You cannot invade a man’s privacy, not with his girl children; you cannot go to such depths, your family is off-limits. There are so many implications to this,” the Mayor told councillors during Monday’s statutory meeting at City Hall.

She reported that the Town Clerk had called her on Sunday morning and was very upset at what his daughter had told him about the councillor. According to her, the councillor had urged King’s daughter not to mention to her father anything they had spoken about.

Chase-Green said that councillor could be charged for obstruction, and could even be locked up. She plans on taking this issue up today with the Human Services Department of the Council, and possibly the Ministry of Social Protection.

The Mayor said the behaviour of some councillors is unbecoming, and she urged that a workshop be organised to train them how they ought to conduct themselves.

The Town Clerk offered that councillors should not interfere with the work of the administration, and that if clarifications are needed or a problem arises, councillors should contact either him or the Mayor.

“I have always sought to give councillors their due respect, even when my name has been bandied around in the press unjustifiably,” King said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan, in considering the minutes of a past statutory meeting, asked that they be corrected to reflect that the team (Mayor, Town Clerk, Councillors Junior Garrett and Oscar Clarke) was going to Mexico, and that no mention was made about Panama.

While a team from the City Council was meeting in Mexico on the issue of installing parking meters in Georgetown, several councillors had questioned why they could not gain access to the parking meter contract that was signed recently.

Furthermore, one councillor questioned why the Council was not informed of the reason for this visit to Mexico; and what the purpose of the visit was, considering that the contract was already signed in May.



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