Update Prison riot: 17 prisoners confirmed dead; 5 hospitalised
Samuel Maughn Photos
Samuel Maughn Photos

The Guyana Chronicle has confirmed that 17 bodies have been discovered inside the remand section of the Camp Street prison in Georgetown following a fire, which inmates started earlier today.

So far, the Guyana Chronicle has been able to confirm that prisoner, Rayon Paddy died at the Georgetown Public Hospital after suffering from severe burns and five other prisoners have been hospitalized.

A search has been launched for more bodies inside the prison. DSC_4076

A large crowd has since gathered outside the prison, including relatives of inmates who were observed crying, asking about the condition of the prisoners.
DSC_4104The fire service has been able to quell the fire. On Wednesday night, the prisoners set ablaze their mattresses at the penitentiary during protest clamouring for their freedom and better living conditions.

Upon arrival at the scene last night, the Guyana Chronicle heard the disgruntled prisoners shouting “We want we freedom.” However, this newspaper understands that the prisoners started to protest following a surprise raid of their cells by prison officers, who found cell phones, marijuana and other prohibited items.



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