Half million touched down at CJIA –more cocaine intercepted in 2015
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THE Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) Corporation has had another successful year in 2015, as 504,717 passengers were shuttled through the port, representing a six per cent increase in comparison to 2014.This was disclosed by Commercial and Administrative Manager of CJIA, Dursatty Doodnauth, at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure’s 2015 performance review and projection for 2016, held yesterday at the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority’s High Street, Kingston offices.

The Commercial Manager said international passenger arrivals for 2015 stood at 250,241, which is also six percent higher than 2014.

“Imported cargo for the period under review amounted to 3,486,397 kg compared to 3,295,977 kg in 2014, a 6% increase for the corresponding period last year. The cargo comprised industrial supplies, personnel effects, hatching eggs and other consolidated cargo. Exports amounted to 2,693,908 kg, or a 6% decrease for that of the corresponding period in 2014. Among the cargo were agro industrial products and livestock, while 6% was industrial supplies,” she explained.

“There was 3,486,397 kg for incoming cargo, 71,676 kg were related to mail. Of the 2,693,908 kg of outgoing cargo, 24,948 related to mail.”

Meanwhile, Doodnauth noted that international aircraft landing was 3,725, which is one per cent higher than 2014. She explained that jet aircraft landings increased from 2,884 to 3,199, due mainly to the introduction of additional flights by COPA, Fly Jamaica, Insel Air and Dynamic Airways.
Turbo prop and smaller type aircraft landings reduced from 812 to 526, due mainly to the discontinuation of operations by LIAT from Cheddi Jagan International Airport. Itinerant landings stood at 251, compared to 365 in 2014.

Further, she noted that GuyOil commenced dispensing of fuel on March 31, 2015 at the CJIA, and the company now joins Rubis at the airport to provide aviation fuel at a competitive price to the airlines operating at the airport.

In 2015, Doodnauth added, a total of 191.6 kg of cocaine were intercepted at CJIA. This represented an increase in the amount of drugs detected for the corresponding period in 2014, which totalled 185 kg.

Overseas, a total of 86 kg of drugs originating from Guyana were detected. This can be compared to 126 kg for the corresponding period in 2014. These detections were made in various countries, but mainly in the United States.

Methods of concealment included checked luggage, including carry-ons and false sides; ingestion, milk, alcohol and other food items.

The manager said further that repairs were made to the main taxiways, the secondary runway, and the public car park. A water treatment plant was established incorporating the use of a 20,000-gallon water reservoir. The Executive and VIP lounges were refurbished and upgraded, as well as the Aviation Security Office and Staff Lunch Room. A Staff Centre was established in the EMD compound to facilitate fitness training. A DC3 Aircraft was refurbished in an effort to facilitate school tours, and attracted over 2,000 visitors in 2015.

The Airport Corporation collected revenue in excess of $1B for 2015. The income in 2015 almost doubled in the last six years. Of the income collected, $418M were transferred to the Consolidated Fund in 2015, compared to $393M in 2014.

Expenditure for 2015 stood at $761M, compared to $687M spent in 2014. The increase can be attributed to a rise in staffing, and additional maintenance work in the Terminal Building and other infrastructure.

During 2015, staffing increased from 171 to 193, due to recruitment in the Aviation Security Department.

By Rabindra Rooplall

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