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By Milton Bruce
There is a time put aside for generous imbibing of demon alcohol. It is called Christmas. I was figuring that an article such as this should be done at Christmas time. However, the number of persons I have seen blocked up (drunk) already from guzzling this poison and behaving badly (the two go together), I figured this article was necessary right now.
An incident outside Stabroek Market last Sunday morning was quite revealing. This man was ‘cussing’ at the top of his voice. He was dressed in a suit with a tie (no more shirt jacks). I figured he was reliving and respecting his colonial past. He also wore a hat that was precariously perched on his head along with a bottle that he was cradling under his arm.
He was standing south of the two eateries and west of the place that sells alcohol and east of the market. From his posture I saw where he was being helped up very loosely by the demon which at the time was stoking a fire in his gut allowing him to shelve-off his frustrations
Some people, dressed in their fineries, who had just disembarked from a bus and obviously heading to church, were greeted with the full blast. They seemed to be momentarily stunned before crossing the road, which presented a sprint for safety towards their house of worship.
He did not look like the everyday drunk. From his attire he seemed to have had his good days. Today though was not so good. He looked as though he would topple over at any time. Then to my surprise he would reverse that roll, and straighten to his full height, which I average was about six feet. Then he would start the gibberish all over again.
The enticement to try and use the demon is incredible. These people who make the demon spend millions to keep its image before the eyes of the public. The demon is always advertised in the same old and stupid way (there is no other way to promote the demon). It’s synonymous with good times, pleasure, half-dressed men and women, frolicking, music, beach, water, palm or coconut trees – take your pick. The simplistic message is clear: You cannot enjoy yourself unless you imbibe the demon.
In America, alcoholics had become so numerous that a decision was made to stop advertising the heavier drinks on television. But when I was there earlier this year they were making their return to the screen. Politicians who are supposed to be our leaders are seen on the pages of the newspapers toasting consistently. They toast projects, seminars, even conferences, welcoming dignitaries always with glasses raised. What is their advertising message as they help to promote the demon. “It’s a cool thing to imbibe.”
Of course the demon brings in a lot of revenue for the government coffers, so they don’t really care what is happening to the people who are trapped in this alcohol vice. I was invited to sit in with some recovering alcoholics (to learn their story) as they have their “tell it all session” at the Cathedral, but I declined.
I wonder sometimes if the people who like to throw back ever wondered if the people who make these nectars of the gods partake as freely and frequently as they do. If you ever wondered, the answer is NO.
Trust me, I have been there and saw that. These people don’t even want their names next to the demon. Just then the man stripped down to his shorts leaving the rest of his clothes in a heap on the street. And he strode off still cradling the bottle under his arm and the hat jauntily perched upon his head. Some people who were witnessing the action began to laugh and jeer. The demon I thought can make one do stupid and crazy things. His action, though eccentric, was at least not violent like most events that play out where the demon is concerned.
Over the last eight months to a year I have been documenting some incidents that have occurred, where in each one, demon alcohol was the instigator. Some of these things I found funny though violent, but then I have a weird sense of humour. It was reported that a man went to celebrate his common law wife’s birthday with her. After drinking the demon, an argument broke out (isn’t it always an argument) then they fought. According to the report, a lash broke his spine.
How could this happen? Didn’t the people who make these nectar of the gods say that they make it only for having fun? So how could death take place? I guess one of the strengths of the demon is to give you the courage to work out your own vengeance. How these things happen is amazing. These people always start out as friends then after guzzling the demon they turn enemies with dire consequences. Two Berbice men were drinking the demon. After a while they realised that they didn’t like each other anymore. They fought. The next thing it became three against one and one died from multiple stab wounds. My uncle was stabbed a couple of times by an assailant, even though he got to the hospital in a hurry he still died. According to the doctor, the stitches could not hold because of the quantity of the demon he had in his system.
Merry Christmas and beware the demon!

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