Berbice businessman shoots dead roaming male jaguar –was first spotted crouching in drain in New Amsterdam
The hapless jaguar after it was shot
The hapless jaguar after it was shot


A MALE Jaguar  was on Monday fatally shot, after  it was initially seen crouched in an interlocked drain which divides Harkman’s Lane and Pilot Streets, in the New Amsterdam township.
It was just before 09:00hrs when the animal was spotted. Its presence  brought citizens out in their  numbers, some fearful, others just curious.
Persons were seen using their mobile phones in an effort to contact the police and other personnel. However, moments later, a  businessman who happens to be a licensed firearm holder, arrived on the scene armed with his shotgun.
As he aimed at the animal, two shots were heard to ring out, and the animal, weighing over 100 pounds, lay motionless on the street.
Residents and observers armed with their mobile devices sought the opportunity to have “selfies” with the lifeless animal.
Residents praised the efforts of businessman, Errol Azar, while noting that there are many school-aged children in the community, and it would have been heartbreaking if one had been attacked and mauled by the animal.
While no one reported how the animal managed to seek refuge in the township, it is believed that the jaguar may have been a pet, and may have escaped from his owner’s confinement.
In 2010, a  jaguar was spotted and subsequently killed at Lot 38 Stanleytown, also in New Amsterdam, while in 2008, an ocelot was captured at Maratraite, East Bank Berbice. The ocelot was taken to the National Zoo.

By Jeune Bailey-VanKeric





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